#BlackGirlMagicGoals: Ava Duvernay

Advertisements My last and final feature for Black History Month on #BlackGirlMagicGoals is the one and only Ava Duvernay, the filmmaker and director extraordinaire! Ms. Duvernay is a writer, film maker, director, producer and screenwriter.  Ava began her film maker career in 2008 with her feature documentary, This is the Life. From there, she did a combinationContinue reading “#BlackGirlMagicGoals: Ava Duvernay”

A True Love at First Sight

Advertisements I always dreamed that when I had gotten to the point in my life when I would have children, I envisioned having boys.  I didn’t particularly have anything against girls, but since I was a tomboy my entire life (and truthfully I still am), I felt like I was meant to have boys, insteadContinue reading “A True Love at First Sight”

#BlackGirlsRock recap

Advertisements **previously posted 4.6.15** Black Girls Rock premiered last night and I was front and center watching every minute of it.  I started watching #BGR every year since it began and each year it is an awesome and insipring awards show.  The ceremony takes the time to recognize women of color who are breaking barriorsContinue reading “#BlackGirlsRock recap”

Advertisements photo: The Black Art Depot A mother holds her son tightly to her chest and tears begin to flow. The son is confused, wondering why his mother is crying.  He only said he was going to the park to play basketball.  So he asked her, “Momma, why are you crying?  I won’t be gone long. Continue reading