New Merch Site is Live!

I have some awesome news for all of my followers! I have created a small sample collection dedicated to my blog site that I would like to showcase today! the site is now live and available to all! If you are interested in purchasing, head over to this site and place your order today! 🙂…


Sometimes,  Even the strongest exteriors, Are fragile inside. Sometimes, Even the sturdiest levels of confidence, Can crumble with the burdens of negativity. ✌🏾️


Reset. Recharge. Revitalize.  ✌🏾️ Brought to you by Daily Prompts.

In the lab…

It’s been a while, but I’ve been gathering thoughts; preparing to write. I have 2 new projects I’m about to start working on and I’m excited.  I feel like I have the motivation to take on any and everything.