In the African American community, it is so common to see so many people excel in different business […]

So, my next topic of discussion will be an oldie but goodie; wearing locs in the workplace.  Now, most people feel that people with locs can never have a professional job.  Of course, I am living and breathing proof, along with several others, who say that is not true at all.  I work in social work, and I would say it is a pretty professional job.  I am a social worker, so most of my days are spent in the community, speaking with teachers, principals, counselors, and other community resources.  I also do visits to my family’s homes and in their neighborhoods.  Needless to say, I get noticed quite a bit.  Now, one would think that having a job like this, calls for a specified dress code, which it does.  We are required to be somewhere between business casual and business professional (especially on court days).

One of the condescending and rude questions I have heard people ask is “they let you go to work with your hair like that?” Uh, yea!  Truth be told, there is quite a bit of leniency on hair in the workplace.  From what I gather in the policy (which I don’t know verbatim), is that as long as it isn’t a wacked out color, and possible horns and other things flying from it, your hair can be pretty much however you want it to be.  And I like to remind people countless times, LOCS ARE JUST AS VERSATILE AS ANYONE ELSE’S HAIR! I can pin my hair up if I want, let it fall down; put it in a ponytail, pretty much anything.  Basically, what I want to say about this is, it is all about presentation of your hair.  You don’t want to be that person who never keeps their hair clean and kept in a decent style or as professional as possible.