Congrats to 10,000!

I never thought I’d have a blog with 10,000 views. It took a while, and I may not be the biggest and best, but I’m making my way.

Here’s to double that amount!


Music, Cidar, a Pen and Some Paper 

Sometimes you just need to step away from yourself and take some time to breathe and decompress. 
When this happens, I find myself writing; whether it be a story, plot scenario, poetry, or just personal thoughts, I need to get away from reality for a while. 

I take “me time” very seriously. I think it’s vital in order for me to be as healthy as I possibly can be. And I’m a writer, so I use any and every excuse to put a pen to paper. What better moment to do that, than when you’re deep in your feelings about one thing or several?