Warning: Take Advantage of Your Opportunities before They Run Out

Public Service Announcement:

A closed mouth doesn’t get fed.

A plain, simple, yet powerful statement that we all use so frequently and loosely; however, never really take heed to it.

How many of us go through life and not really express the things we want out of life? We wake up each morning, wishing things were different and seeing others seek out opportunities and achieve their wildest dreams and you wonder, “why can’t the things I desire happen for me?”

Well, part of it is because of a lack of communication. Life is all about networking with the right kinds of people, and speaking up about what you want when the moment is presented to you.  Many times, we find ourselves in prime positions to seek out the opportunities we long for, but no one ever knows because sometimes those words are never spoken.

As I get older, and I do more and more evaluation, I find that even in my own life, there are so many things that I want to accomplish, and I’ve been in the positions to excel, but I can be very shy and that will hinder my opportunities.  With 2018 coming to a close, I vowed to myself that 2019 So be seen, speak up, let the world know what you want; otherwise, you won’t even know what you are capable of, or what you will be able to achieve.

I advise all of us to begin to prepare for our 2019, and make a promise to ourselves that if there is something in this world that we desire, to not be silent about it.  Our voices deserve to be used to speak up and advocate for what we want out of life.  There is no reason why you should live in a world where you never seize the opportunities you seek.  How will you be satisfied with life if you don’t take a step into the deep end?



Yesterday, my family and I were out an at outlet mall just walking around and trying to catch a good sale or two (we actually found some, too!).

While we were there, I couldn’t help but see my daughter go right into her routine of greeting random strangers passing by us.  For adults, this may seem all to weird; to randomly speak to a stranger walking past us, who may or may not interact. For a toddler who is consistently in a joyous mood, this is second nature. 

I watched my daughter as she walked around with us, yelling out the most adorable “Hi!” that she could muster up.  She accompanied it with a smile and a wave.  Everyone she passed looked down at her, smiled and said “hi!” There were also comments of her being so cute and sweet. I couldn’t help but smile and say thank you. 

Rarely have I encountered a time when someone wouldn’t speak back to her or just not realize she was talking to them.  It makes me emotional every time because I see the happiness that my daughter has in life, especially in a time where a lot of Black men and women are fearful of our own lives and our children’s lives; and here my daughter is, carefree and radiant, spreading around just a little bit of love the best way she knows how, by something as simple as a greeting.

To anyone that my daughter has said hi to in the past, present and future:

I hope her spreading that kindness to you on that day, in that moment in time helped you in ways she or I may never understand. I hope she brought a smile to your heart.  I hope her innocence captured something in you.  I hope it made you say hi to someone you didn’t know.  Ultimately, I hope that one small gesture was something that made your day, if even in those small seconds of time passed between the two of you, because I know she touches my heart when she spreads love to people.

Consider it a small way that even a toddler can pay it forward.