My dad text me the other day and asked for a video of my daughter saying her ABC’s. […]

Another night, lying in bed, searching the ceiling for an answer it didn’t have.  Another night of talking to herself, asking questions with no answer.  Another night of empty and idle thoughts.  She wondered how perfection felt; wondered what joy was and if happiness ever existed.  She looked over her bed and found him lying there, sleep taking over and rendering him lifeless for the night hours  He slept, while she suffered, and she felt so helpless.

Her words were never understood, her opinion deemed insignificant; her desires weren’t acceptable.  She tried countless times to just let well enough alone, but well enough wasn’t what she felt she deserved.  She wanted a love that went above and beyond, one she could lay her life on the line for,  one that she could sacrifice herself to be apart of something bigger.  She couldn’t see that with him.