Chill Out; We Still Care About That, Too. 

I saw a post that really bothered me the other day; and truth be told, it bothers me on a frequent level (about as frequent as I see it).

Everyone who’s not living under a rock or in denial knows that the world is in shambles, and between living in the era of #Cheeto45, racial injustices, senseless shootings, etc. it’s truly hard to continue to keep up with the desctruction happening everyday.

What bothers me, is when something light-hearted, funny or even possibly slightly ignorant happens on social media and it goes viral, it seems to  be a crime to acknowledge it; because people  think that it’s just a secret plot to take your mind off of “what’s more important”.

I’ve seen it several times in many different ways.  One may say, “Oh, ________ is happening to take your minds off of __________ and y’all are falling for it, smh.” OR, “don’t let _________overshadow _________.  Y’all stay woke!” *insert side eye here, there and everywhere*.

I guess what bothers me about the statement,  is that people tend to judge someone based on what they are talking about or posting at that time.  Just because I notice something that has hit the media today, doesn’t mean I forgot about the tragedy that happened two days ago that I spoke about as well.  People are entitled to  have opinions and feelings about more than one thing at a time; and just because we are discussing one thing on one day, doesn’t mean we have completely swept everything else under the rug.

I feel like the intention is that we have to dwell on one subject for whatever allotted amount of time is deemed appropriate, before you can move on to the next thing.  I may be taking it a tad bit too seriously, but this is just my personal opinion about it.  I don’t think the overall intention is to just sweep everything under the rug and then forget about it, but I also feel that people are entitled to place feelings wherever they see fit.

This is just my two cents about it, but it’s in no way the “right” or “wrong” way to feel.

-Whit C.



Well, this week’s essay definitely  won’t be as good as others.  It won’t be my best work.  It will be short, and it probably won’t make a lick of sense; which is why I decided to name it “Ramblings”.  With everything going on, I didn’t really have time to separate my thoughts and choose a specific topic to write about, so I’ll just throw all my thoughts into one post.  Here goes nothing….

Today is the last day of the month.  The last day of the first month of 2017, and my has it been a rough month.  I have gone through quite a few things with my family and personally (that I won’t go into full disclosure respectfully), and it has taken a toll on me in several different forms.  I have suffered a lot of things emotionally in the first month of 2017 (and it’s ONLY the first month of 2017); things that I would have never imagined feeling in my lifetime.  With all that being said, I made it to the end of the month in one piece, and luckily with my sanity halfway intact.  It wasn’t easy, but thank God, I’m here.

I haven’t been in the gym consistently in over a month, and that really sucks. Especially because I love the gym. It’s become a huge part of my life now, so when I felt myself slipping away from it, I felt like I was losing a piece of myself :-(. There was a point where all of my eating was at the hands of fast food, I was sitting on the couch being lazy, nothing was getting done!  I just recently told myself that I had to get it together, that I was losing myself in all the drama going on in my life, and pushing the things that actually help me, to the back burner!  So I started my routine back.  It’s been very hard waking up at 5am again, trying to muster up enough energy to make it through a 90 minute workout. I’m also trying to find a routine for myself and a muscle group rotation that’s new and fun and I think I found one! I have a goal for my 30th birthday I will be down to around 170, so I have a pretty long way to go, but I don’t plan on quitting anytime soon.

I also discovered something horrible about myself.   I am a stress-induced/emotional eater.  When my anxiety gets too high, or I become overly stressed out about certain things, all I want is comfort (or what feels like comfort) food and Pepsi.  I tend to make excuses for it, when all it really is, is emotional eating.  I never thought I was an emotional eater until some recent events in my life led to an overwhelming amount of stress and roller-coaster type emotions.  As a result of that, I either wanted to eat crap or not eat at all.  I also fell into a nasty habit that I hadn’t been in in a long time; drinking more than one soda a day.  When I was younger I used to drink at least 3 Pepsi’s a day.  Nowadays, I have cut back tremendously to the point where I can only really handle 1 can maybe every couple days.  Once again, stress and overwhelming emotions were rearing their ugly head at me, and I fell off the wagon (I tend to think of myself as a recovering Pepsi addict, lol).  This week, I started back on my gallon-a-day water regimen and trying to cut caffeine out of my diet.  In case anyone was wondering, it’s not fun and I have a headache that won’t go away; but I am going to slowly but surely ween myself  back off of this caffeine (hey! That rhymed, lol).

Overall,  I’m getting better.  I feel like I have to wash out January 2017 and start my year off at February.  January just had a lot of things going on; however, with every trial in my or my family’s life, I learn something new.  Over the last couple months, I learned a few cool and not so cool things:

  • True friendship is something rare and genuine.  Please treat it with the respect it deserves.
  • People who are most persistent, care the most.
  • Find someone to talk to when you’re in pain.  Communication is the major breakdown of relationships.
  • Hold fast to faith and prayer.
  • Sometimes, people will not have your best interest at heart, and they will not understand your pain and suffering.

Like I said, this was random;  unplanned and not put together nicely.  It’s just a reflection of my thoughts and how I’ve been feeling.  Sometimes, you just need to take some time to free write.  This is it.

-Whit C.

Take that Leap 

I found another motivating quote pic on Instagram this week, and it resonated with me in a way that I needed to add a few motivational words to it for today.

I can’t count how many times I have said I was going to take the chance to do something great, and get stalled at point of fear.  

The fear of being rejected for your ideas, the fear of failure, the fear of not being positively supported will take a very big toll on you and cause you to question yourself; and your ideas and your chance to be great will be stunted by your inability to push through the barriers.  In the end, you give up; and in the future, you begin to regret those chances you didn’t take when you had the chance. 

I try my best to not live in the mentality of regret.  I make a conscious decision to do something or not to do something, and I find peace with that decision.  Living in regret will only cause you more pain, you will begin to have self-doubt about future goals and opportunities, and it’s just not a fun way to live life. 

Wasn’t it Ms. Frizzle from Magic School Bus that said “take chances, make mistakes and get messy!” 

I think we should all take heed to that gem of a statement. 


Random Stories in my Head….

I have so many ideas in my head for short stories, and I just have to find the time to sit down and get them on paper.

I’ve been so busy the last couple weeks with work, I haven’t had time to slow down and put the thoughts on paper. Luckily for me, they continue to pop up randomly and I can have a moment to myself to actually write them down so I can expound upon them in days to come.

Be on the lookout for some pretty cool short stories from your girl!!  🙂