Daily Prompt: Waiting

Advertisements   I am sitting here, Waiting for words to never come; For feelings that’ll never be felt; Waiting for the day my love for you will no longer be one-sided.   via Daily Prompt: Waiting

A Woman Freed

Advertisements I will not let myself believe that I was less of a woman for you. I’d rather believe that you weren’t man enough to handle my magic. You couldnt comprehend the language my hips spoke or how my tongue cracked your ignorance like a whip. I was too much woman for you, so youContinue reading “A Woman Freed”

Dear Woman 

Advertisements    For those days that we need it most…..  

The Ugly Truth. 

Advertisements I told him “I love you” hoping he felt the same. The words “I don’t love you” fell out of his mouth like they were hanging on to the edge of a mountain top, and suddenly, they lost their grip on the tip of his tongue. I could feel my heart give way, andContinue reading “The Ugly Truth. “

Food for Thought

Advertisements We say we are in love, when in reality we are just existing in each other’s spaces waiting for the other to detach; when we know, neither one of us is brave enough to admit that love is more than existence. So do we love each other, or do we just exist with each other?