#50Days50Questions: Big Money Dreams

Advertisements If I had a million dollars, how would I spend it? With that much money, I have no clue. Lol. I know I would obviously pay off unnecessary debt, save money for my daughter's future, buy a nicer car and a really nice house. Other than that, I have no earthly idea what IContinue reading “#50Days50Questions: Big Money Dreams”

#50Days50Questions: Where Do You See Yourself…? 

Advertisements Where/how would I like to see myself in a year? 10 years? In a year, I’d like to believe that I could be progressing towards a better overall level of happiness. But to be honest, I have no idea; and that might be kind of scary for some, but honestly this is one myContinue reading “#50Days50Questions: Where Do You See Yourself…? “

#50Days50Questions: The Present, The Past or The Future…

Advertisements Do I live in the present moment? Live in the past? Future? Hmm…..Good question, Lol. I feel like your past experiences shape and mold you for your present and future, but the key is to not dwell in those past experiences.  I try hard not to dwell; however, I am not perfect, and IContinue reading “#50Days50Questions: The Present, The Past or The Future…”