There are certain parts of my beginning semester of college that I remember all too well.  I remember the first friend I made, the first party I attended, the first time I wore pajama pants to class (living the true college experience).  The first month in particular was a very rough time for me, as I was dealing with the constant concern for my grandfather.  He had cancer, and it was really tough for me to deal with.  Not knowing what each day would bring was nerve-wrecking for me, and being away from home never made the situation any better.

September 25, 2006 was the worst day of my life, hands down.  I received a call that turned my world around completely. No call I have ever received in my 27 years of life, shocked me as much as the call I received when my grandfather died.  I’ll always remember being on the phone with my mother, about to go eat breakfast with one of my friends, when she said “your grandpa died this morning”.  The statement had enough power to stop me dead in my tracks, walk me outside of the dining hall, and completely numb me for the rest of my day.  This was my first time experiencing death that close.  And for it to be my grandfather put me in a horrible place.