Stop Playing Small

Advertisements In light of new resolutions, goals and plans for the new year, when making that outlined list of what we will throw our efforts into, we often play small. Playing small means to play it safe; to settle for what is secured and safe for our egos to withstand. Playing it big means goingContinue reading “Stop Playing Small”

Turning Your Passion into Your Priority

Advertisements How many times do we go through life noting how many things we look at as something we are passionate about, but never take the steps to make them something we will put forth 100% effort? There is always something we have dedicated to naming a “passion”, or a desire to become an expertContinue reading “Turning Your Passion into Your Priority”

#50Days50Questions: Cross that Off the Bucket List! 

Advertisements What is something that I want to do but have not done? Good question; I would say travel more. I want to see more of the world, and I want to take the kid along for the ride.  I want to be able to say that I’ve allowed my daughter to see different partsContinue reading “#50Days50Questions: Cross that Off the Bucket List! “

5 Tips to Help You Be More Driven to Accomplish Your Life Goals

Advertisements The thought of “what’s next” can be a bit scary. I handle it by not giving any thought to it at all. I just do my best to focus on what’s presently in front of me. My biggest problem in the past wa… Source: 5 Tips to Help You Be More Driven to AccomplishContinue reading “5 Tips to Help You Be More Driven to Accomplish Your Life Goals”

A Year Later: Have I lived, or still existed?

Advertisements About a year ago, I wrote this post titled, Living vs. Existing, (click the link here to check it out), that discussed the difference that it meant to me, and my personal analysis on how I felt my life was going. This question still remains to be one that I ask myself often, and IContinue reading “A Year Later: Have I lived, or still existed?”


Advertisements Tuesday marked the 28th year the Lord has blessed me with life.  I didn’t do much, aside from the adult obligations (license renewal and registration lol), but I enjoyed the day doing some things that I wanted to do. I took a lot of time to reflect on the things I want to accomplishContinue reading “#Year28”

Living vs. Existing

Advertisements I heard this question in a movie once: “Are you living, or are you existing?” To this day, I find it to be one of the most thought provoking questions I’ve heard. It’s good to take moments to evaluate how your life is going. You need to ask yourself constantly if you are trulyContinue reading “Living vs. Existing”

#BlackGirlsRock recap

Advertisements **previously posted 4.6.15** Black Girls Rock premiered last night and I was front and center watching every minute of it.  I started watching #BGR every year since it began and each year it is an awesome and insipring awards show.  The ceremony takes the time to recognize women of color who are breaking barriorsContinue reading “#BlackGirlsRock recap”