Being Available for You

Advertisements How many times do we clear our calendars, shuffle and scramble to make room for others, but when it comes to our own personal availability, we do not show the same effort? With jobs, children, significant others/spouses, family, etc., it is very hard to say that you want to carve out time for yourself,Continue reading “Being Available for You”

Would You Rather Win with the Team or on Your Own?: Collaboration vs. Competition

Advertisements In the African American community, it is so common to see so many people excel in different business ventures and entrepreneurial endeavors that they have branched out on and it makes me wonder to myself, is it possible that people can achieve satisfaction from collaborating with their peers, as opposed to being in competitionContinue reading “Would You Rather Win with the Team or on Your Own?: Collaboration vs. Competition”

Missing You….A Dedication and Reflection

Advertisements There are certain parts of my beginning semester of college that I remember all too well.  I remember the first friend I made, the first party I attended, the first time I wore pajama pants to class (living the true college experience).  The first month in particular was a very rough time for me,Continue reading “Missing You….A Dedication and Reflection”