A Disruption in the Force…

  There’s been a disruption in the force, and it’s messing with all that is right and normal in my world.

Finish Line Approaching..Bear With Me.

I’m coming up on the final stretch of getting Playing with Fire out to the world.  There are just a few more things on my list, and I will be complete! I have already set up an online store link for signed copies of my book to be purchased, I have invited people to like my authorContinue reading “Finish Line Approaching..Bear With Me.”

Been A While

I know it has been a while since I have posted anything.  I am currently working on some things and hoping to post an excerpt of my novel for you all.  I hope it will be received well, and as soon as I find a good part to post (possibly the intro), I will postContinue reading “Been A While”

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