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Quick Public Service Announcement: Y’all Gotta do Better.

I’m truly tired of high-end name brands debuting clothes that I am confident they know are problematic, and continue to throw the rock, hide their hand, and then come back to apologize.

Burberry is yet the next brand to receive public scrutiny and rage as they debuted a hoodie with a noose hanging from it.



Did NO ONE try to even interject and state that maybe this is not something that should be debuted on a runway? I just don’t get it.

There are several times that this has happened. Brands have brought out different clothes, campaigns, slogans, etc. and there has been some level of problematic notion within them. What I continue to not understand is how there is no healthy conversation before these things hit the media as to how this is not a good look.

I will admit, there are some things that have come out that I have kind of side-eyed and thought, “well maybe that’s a stretch”. And I’m mature enough to say so; however, Burberry’s noose, Gucci’s sweater, H&M’s monkey hoodie, all these things definitely stung in a way that was uncomfortable.

I just have one wish that if you are a high end fashion design company, a global store, a product, a brand, ANYTHING, please have someone on your design team that can talk some sense into y’all. Have someone on your side that can relate to a more socially-conscious society and who can articulate why things are problematic. Because it’s clear, that some of you do not have that type of team; and it shows in the process in which things are presented, and then immediately retracted.

I’ve always thought that it takes more work to get something wrong, then have to rectify it, than to just get it right the first time.

Just sayin’


The Beginning of a Powerful Movement in Black History

Black History Month is now among us, and as we use this month to commemorate powerful leaders and trailblazers amongst the African American race, I believe this should also be a time to pay tribute to those who unfortunately lost their lives to unjustified crimes, and the power and strength of a community to grow a movement that rose from those tragedies.

The month of February also signifies Trayvon Martin’s birth, and even sadly, his death. He would have celebrated his 24th birthday today; however, unfortunately, his life was snatched away from him only shortly after his 17th birthday. The tragedy of Trayvon’s death also marks the beginning of one of the most powerful movements for Black Americans. Black Lives Matter became a powerful and earth-shattering force, because of such utter disregard for such an innocent Black life taken from this world so soon, simply because his appearance was perceived to be a “threat” and “suspicious”.

On February 26, the world was rocked by the news that Trayvon, an unarmed 17-year old child, was shot and killed because one man single man called the police on him for being what he assumed to be suspicious. Even after George Zimmerman was told NOT to follow him, he disobeyed and felt that he had to be responsible for an unnecessary “consequence” for Trayvon. He was doing absolutely nothing wrong, and what is painful is to know that no one on this earth expects to be so innocently living life, just for it to be taken away from you in a second.

In an even more outrageous occurrence, Zimmerman was acquitted of charges of second degree murder, based on what the jury felt was self-defense. It was because of this ruling, Black Lives Matter was created by three amazing women; Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi, and Patrisse Cullors. This organization was formed to take on a fight against institutionalized racism and police brutality against black people.

Sadly, since Trayvon’s death, there have been other tragic events to occur in the Black community, all riddled with the same questions, mainly beginning with “why?”

Why are people who are doing absolutely nothing to lose “threat or fear” being killed, and officers using that lie to justify their actions? Why is it that families of these victims constantly let down by a justice system that does not see blatant crimes being committed?

Unfortunately, Trayvon’s untimely passing was truly an unnecessary and jarring tragedy; however, it has created such a response from communities that have now shed a gleaming light on injustice everywhere, and brought the African American community together to take a stand against what would become a widespread and unfortunate epidemic on the Black community.

Even nearly 7 years later, the circumstances surrounding Trayvon’s murder and other murders since are still haunting and even give some pause to doing things that felt like normal innocent behavior in the past. Walking down your neighborhood street becomes a hesitant decision, wearing a hoodie may cause sideways glances, seeing a police officer behind you makes you wonder if they will notice the color of your skin as a reason to pull you over. It’s like living your life walking on eggshells; not knowing whether your presence alone is causing someone “fear for their life.” This is our reality, and on most days some of our biggest and most pressing fears; to be misjudged, falsely accused, and paying an unnecessary price for the color of our skin.

In this month, it is important to reflect on history; and in order to do that, we cannot forget the movement that was sparked and ignited due to this unfortunate situation.

Happy Birthday, Trayvon. We will continue to strive for the justice you deserved.


#BlackGirlMagicGoals: Issa Rae

For the month of February, want to showcase each week 1 woman who inspires me and who I admire to be like one day.  These are women I see and watch slaying in their respective arenas everyday, and they are the definition of what #BlackGirlMagic really means!  First up, Issa Rae! 🖤

Ive seen posts where people ask about if they could see themselves in a TV character, who would it be.  I always think long and hard about the answer, but I’d have to say that Issa is definitely me, all the way down to the awkwardness, lol.

When I first found out about her, it was when Insecure was first premiering on HBO.  At first, I didn’t know what I was going to expect from the show, but I just knew I had to watch and see what it was all about.  From season 1, episode 1, I’ve been hooked and Issa has been my spirit animals!   She was possibly the most relatable woman I have seen on TV, because she makes being an awkward Black girl seem really cool after all.  I never thought I could see myself in another person or their fictional character, but I immediately identified with Issa and even some of the situations that went on in her life in her role in Insecure (you wouldn’t believe how many times I screamed at the TV, “OMG that is my life!” when I watch the show).

After watching Insecure, I began to do my googling and found out a little more about the awesome woman they call Issa Rae:

  • She started off on YouTube with her doing a series titled, Awkward Black Girl.
  • She has a NYT best-selling book, titled the Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl (yes I bought it!!)
  • She has been named one of Forbes 30 under 30
  • She was Golden Globe nominated (LIT!)

From the moment she premiered her show, I knew I had to keep watching the show, but her moves also.  I saw that she had a book out so I bought that.  I added her to social media because I wanted to see her process, how she interacted with fans and if she ever dropped any nuggets of encouragement along the way.  Right now, she’s going into season 3 of Insecure and also has about 2 other shows that are being worked on by her that are coming to television.

Issa Rae is the epitome of #GOALS and I aspire to be in her position one day.  She’s been nominated for some of the best awards (Golden Globes, NAACP Awards, etc) and her resume is only beginning to become longer and longer with amazing roles.  She writes, she acts, she even executive produces.  Issa is truly #BlackGirlMagic personified!<<

Your Future is Yours To Create 

I saw this quote today that resonated with me. 

The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.

– Malcom X

With being in constant thought about my future goals and aspirations lately, I find this quote to be inspiring that I’m on the right track.  You never want to go through life with no plan on how to achieve the goals you set out for yourself. Planning the framework on how to see your future come into fruition starts with the basic methods of planning. 

Today, use this quote to help fuel your desires to be great. Keep in mind that anything in this life is yours for the taking if you have a plan of action and can articulate how you will get what you desire out of life.