“Lessons from Love” feature on Dear Queens!

Advertisements Check out one of my latest posts on dearqueens.com titled "Lessons Marriage Taught Me" as a part of a month-long series on the lessons we all learn from love. Click HERE to read about my experience with love and marriage!

#50Days50Questions: The Present, The Past or The Future…

Advertisements Do I live in the present moment? Live in the past? Future? Hmm…..Good question, Lol. I feel like your past experiences shape and mold you for your present and future, but the key is to not dwell in those past experiences.  I try hard not to dwell; however, I am not perfect, and IContinue reading “#50Days50Questions: The Present, The Past or The Future…”

#50Days50Questions: It’s Time I Stopped Running

Advertisements I recently reblogged a post I found on a fellow blogger, As Told by Sid‘s website that highlights 50 questions to ask yourself towards self-discovery.  I kind of adapted the same mindset as she did; challenge accepted! Lol. I figured this may be an interesting quest, and since I told myself that the summerContinue reading “#50Days50Questions: It’s Time I Stopped Running”

#ConfessionsOfALocdGoddess: YouTube, The Natural Woman’s Savior

Advertisements Have you noticed that every time you turn around, there is a beautiful black queen rocking her natural hair or locs? No matter what the reason, be is spiritual, personal, mandatory or voluntary, many women are getting back to their origin, and rocking their natural hair.