Playing with Fire II




2 years later……It’s been two years now since Chante, Trey and Liyah’s lives changed dramatically and Chante made the choice to Play with Fire. Relationships have shifted, friendships have dissolved, and love has been lost. The “new normal” isn’t what anyone expected it to be. Chante Wright (who now goes by Thomas) has been through the worst loss of her life; and the consequences of her actions have left her back at ground zero, learning to rebuild her life as a single mother and woman. Trey has found a new love and life with Liyah and their son, Trey Wright Jr., and Liyah makes sure to let Chante know their love has transcended anything that she and Trey ever had. Chante and Trey have to battle with the civility of co-parenting (Liyah included), all while living in separate parts of the East Coast.

While Chante is struggling to find herself and find love again (and wonder if she’s even worth the chance), Trey is wondering if the grass was greener on the other side. Once Chante admitted to herself that what once was with Trey will never be; she found a new love who was willing to accept her flaws from the past and love her forever more. When true love finds Chante for a second time, Trey realizes that who he really loves may be the woman he has lost forever, and he’s not the only one who has noticed it. Will Chante run back to her first true love, or is her newfound love enough to replace what once was?