How it Really went Down



In life, there’s always three sides to a story; the left side, the right side and the truth is somewhere in the middle. Liyah, best friend to Chante Wright and possibly arch nemesis is here to expose the sides you haven’t heard; her side and the truth!Some of the things you already know are true, but what you DON’T know, is what happened behind the scenes, and why Chante and Trey’s relationship really came to such a dramatic ending. Liyah’s spicy and roller-coaster story is here to take you all the way to the beginning, to find out where this twisted triangle began so many years ago and how it spiraled into a tangled love web that only Liyah, Chante and Trey were able to weave. Let Liyah be the missing piece to the puzzle to all the unanswered questions.