How to Push Past Your Comfort Zone

So far this year, there has been a lot of discomfort in my transition into 30.  There was going to be a lot of things I told myself I would do that I normally wouldn't have ever done.   One of the main reasons I chose to do this cruel thing to myself was because as one gets older,… Continue reading How to Push Past Your Comfort Zone


#50Days50Questions: Where Do You See Yourself…? 

Where/how would I like to see myself in a year? 10 years? In a year, I'd like to believe that I could be progressing towards a better overall level of happiness. But to be honest, I have no idea; and that might be kind of scary for some, but honestly this is one my of… Continue reading #50Days50Questions: Where Do You See Yourself…? 


#50Days50Questions: Use What Ya Got! 

What are my talents? Am I utilizing them? How can I use them more? Hmmm.....my talents.  I guess if we're counting; I have two.  Obviously, I'd like to think one of my talents is writing (lol).  I also enjoy singing, but it's definitely something I keep under wraps.  I'm one of those people you will… Continue reading #50Days50Questions: Use What Ya Got! 


#50Days50Questions: The Hard Times That Make you Stronger

What was the hardest time of my life? How has that affected me? Wow... I've been trying for two days to answer this question; it's really made me think.  I would have to say the hardest time of my life was when my grandfather passed away, because it was the first time I had experienced… Continue reading #50Days50Questions: The Hard Times That Make you Stronger


Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Spa Day 

Nothing beats a stressful, hard fought week like a day at the spa, or a day at home creating your own at-home DIY spa day! I'll admit, I had my first spa day for my birthday last year; but it's always been something I've wanted (more like needed) to put into a monthly schedule for… Continue reading Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Spa Day 


#50Days50Questions: Blessed

Do I feel blessed? How and why or why not? Definitely. This question seems so simple, yet I know it can be a difficult thing to keep in perspective at times.  Even on the days when I seem to feel like nothing is going my way, I try to remember why I've been blessed to… Continue reading #50Days50Questions: Blessed

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Who’s Approval Do You Seek? 

There are times when I have to check in with myself, just to make sure that I am continuing to keep pushing towards achieving the goals I have set out for myself; but more importantly, make sure that I am not shifting into the mindset of doing things out of the validation of others, instead… Continue reading Who’s Approval Do You Seek? 


#50Days50Questions: The Present, The Past or The Future…

Do I live in the present moment? Live in the past? Future? Hmm.....Good question, Lol. I feel like your past experiences shape and mold you for your present and future, but the key is to not dwell in those past experiences.  I try hard not to dwell; however, I am not perfect, and I do… Continue reading #50Days50Questions: The Present, The Past or The Future…


#50Days50Questions: It’s Time I Stopped Running

I recently reblogged a post I found on a fellow blogger, As Told by Sid's website that highlights 50 questions to ask yourself towards self-discovery.  I kind of adapted the same mindset as she did; challenge accepted! Lol. I figured this may be an interesting quest, and since I told myself that the summer was… Continue reading #50Days50Questions: It’s Time I Stopped Running


Becoming Powerful Beyond Measure

A great post and challenge! I wonder how many questions I can answer in 50 days???#Hmmmm 

As Told by Sid

The space I am in is foreign; this space is new. I feel free. I’m intrigued by who I am and interested in who I was & who I want to be. What better time than now? I wanted to challenge myself, but not force myself by doing too much. I also wanted to be able to document my thoughts today, so that I could look back months from now to see my growth. That really was how I came to start this blog. So, I did a google search and came across an article, 50 Questions for Self-Discovery.

When you know yourself, you are empowered.
When you accept yourself, you are invincible.
– Tina Lifford

When I read that, I instantly said, “challenge accepted.” For 50 days (from June 1st to July 20th), I am going to blog every day – EVERY SINGLE…

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