On Love: You Will Give More than you Get


I’m learning more and more about love as I navigate the Bible. My previous post highlighted 1 Corinthians 13:7; where it discusses key ideals of love. I wrote a post on how important it was to not settle for anything less than those things. In this post, I will go deeper on how I have been able to dissect how I view my own ability to love and how I’ve been able to analyze how I receive and accept love from others.

Love Is…

I appreciate the way love is described in the Bible. It is patient, kind, honest and not rude. Love is to be taken seriously. I believe that it bears, endures and hopes in all things. I also learned today that you can love this way; but it may never be reciprocated the way you want.

Being someone who loves this hard can be hard. It has been something that has been sitting heavily in my spirit for days since I’ve read it. Working on becoming a better person spiritually means educating myself more on what the Bible says and how it speaks to me.

What Love Teaches You

The concept of love is something that has effected me intensely in the latter part of this year. I have had to navigate a lot of feelings surrounding losing love, forgiveness, reconciliation and acceptance. Throughout all of this, I have leaned more heavily on meditation and spiritual guidance.

Throughout my journey, I continue to learn that you will give more than what you may receive. I’ve come to learn that when you are living a positive spiritually-fed life, the discipline that you learn leads you to sacrifice a lot of patience and invest a lot of time into doing what is right. Sometimes you won’t receive the same treatment in return. Other times, you may receive it back in a way that you may not recognize it. The key is understanding and knowing how to see it from others when it shows itself.

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