Self-Care Sunday: Dancing it Out

I just recently watched the episode of Grey’s Anatomy (which is one of my favorites) where Christina and Meredith do their final “dance it out” before Christina leaves to go to Switzerland.

It made me think about how sometimes, when life feels like it’s pulling you down, or when everything seems to be going wrong in life, you just need to turn on some music and dance the pain away. If nothing more, you could also get a good workout out of the whole ordeal, but dancing around as if no one is watching can sometimes bring a smile to your face that you never know you needed. And it doesn’t have to be an entire song-length. Even 20-30 seconds of a full out dance along could be just what you need to turn your frown upside down. And the good thing is, you can dance it out virtually anywhere!!

So, this week, my self-care idea is short and sweet; but meaningful:

When in doubt, just dance it out!