Tyler Perry’s “Work Ethic”

I typically do not write about very many socially current events, just because of the nature of social media and sometimes people cannot have a healthy discussion about something without slander, name-calling and mud-slinging and I truly do not have the time of patience for all that, lol. But, for this particular situation, I had a lot to say on the matter that I felt could best be served in a blog post.

So, as most of us on social media saw, Tyler Perry posted an Instagram video of several scripts that he wrote in 2019. I counted 8 different titles in the videos, which tells me that Tyler Perry Studios is going to be busy! He states in the video, that he “has no writer’s room”; that he writes all of the scripts himself, and that all of the scripts shown in the video he wrote in 2019. Now, I’ve seen a wave of support and motivation from Instagram comments; however, Twitter is a slightly harsher critic.

I will say this: I’m not all that impressed by it. And I can tell you why.

After talking to a few people about it, and retweeting my opinion in what i could with 280 characters; I really thought about it and narrowed it down to about three reasons why I feel the way I do about the video:

Reason #1: Honestly, I call BS that all of that was written in 2019. That’s A LOT of scripts…. but I don’t buy that he wrote all of those scripts in 2019. I also don’t know a lot about script writing (it is something I would like to learn though), so I am not going to decipher whether it is an easy or hard task to write this much in one year; but that was a lot of paper, and his hands MUST be riddled with cramps and pain at this point. (this is just jokes guys…but seriously, you have to admit that is a lot to do in 365 days). And if he truly did write all of that in one year, then I tip my hat to him, because that is a lot of scripts and a lot of time spent constructing that amount of content!

Reason #2: While I’m all about “creating a seat at the table” or “creating my own damn table”, or whatever we want to call it in 2020, I also feel that if I was as successful as Tyler Perry, I would definitely have a writer’s room at my studio. First off, as we reference Reason #1, that is A LOT of content, and it would definitely benefit me having more than one person in the room helping with that. I also feel as though Tyler Perry has a great opportunity with all the shows that he has created and produced, that he could have a writer’s room to give creatives a chance to be heard and let their talent be showcased. I mean, do you know how many people would probably drop everything and take a job being a writer for a Tyler Perry produced show, or movie?! Hell, I would!

Reason #3: And while it may sound petty, just think of how much more creativity could be garnered when there is more than one perspective in the room…I’m just sayin’ *shrugs*. When you’ve seen one plot line from one person over the course of several years, it tends to get a little predictable and you start to lose a few folks. Again, just sayin’.

Granted, celebrities are not entitled to expand their ventures to others. It is their choice as to whether or not they want to invite others to their party. Tyler does a great job at recruiting actors and actresses to get their break in the field, because I’ve seen people in his shows that are getting their breakthrough in television and that is awesome! I just feel that a lot of creative energy can come from a writer’s room, and I hope maybe one day in the future, he will consider that as an option.

Again, that is my two cents on the situation. I am not saying he is wrong because that’s his business, but I’m just not that impressed by it.