How to Get Prepared for the New Year!

2020 is fastly approaching (t-minus 4 days exactly). This mean resolutions will fly, parties will be planned, and most people will be deciding when and where they will be when the clock strikes midnight. Most of us will be plotting our next big success in 2020, and if we are properly prepared, nothing will stand in our way. As I sat here and began to think about the upcoming plans I have for myself, I decided to pick out a few of my top ways to start my preparation for 2020.


Keeping up a daily mindfulness or meditation practice is a good way to ease stress and anxiety and also a good way to enhance the creativity. I utilize meditation for these main purposes and much more. After I meditate I am calm, clear and ready to tackle my day or any project I’m working on at the moment. My goal for 2020 is to increase my practice to at least twice daily (maybe even 3 times if needed).

Downloading apps or YouTube videos is a good way to dive into some very calming and relaxing guided or sound meditations. I use the Insight Timer app, which can be downloaded in Google Play or the App Store.

Cleaning and Clearing Negative Energies in your Home

Nothing gets you ready to take on a new year better than a home that is clean and clear of negativity. Doing a purge of all the things you either didn’t use or need in the past year will make room for new and exiting things; whether it be clothes, decorations, you name it! Make room for a new lifestyle in 2020!

Along with cleaning, most people also tend to do necessary rituals or cleansing of the energy in their home. The most popular way to do this is with sage. Burning sage in your home or in specific rooms in your home is known to help with cleansing and erasing negativity energy that can get trapped in your space. My advice is to start looking for diffeeent ways you can cleanse and clean so you can walk into 2020 with a newly energized home environment.

Journaling and Planning

If you have a dream or a goal in mind for 2020, there is no way you can enter the new year without having a plan of action. This is where journaling and planning come into play. A good rule of thumb for me is that if it’s not written down, it won’t happen. Not everything I write down may come to full fruition when I would like; however, if I keep it on paper it’ll be more of a reminder to keep striving to meet those goals.

Whether it be with an app, a laptop or old fashioned pen and paper, articulating how and when you plan to execute your goals is important to success. I already have my content calendar for writing and blogging and my journal full of my goals for 2020. Make sure you’re hitting your favorite store to pick up your planner and a good journal and get to writing down those goals!

Social Media Detoxes

A social media detox is a good way to start tailoring your social media to its true purpose. If you’re a creative like me, most of your time on social media is either looking for inspiration, or networking and meeting other creatives in your particular niche. Being that social media is a big way to connect in our generation, ensuring that your social media links are always current, following relevant and meaningful people and keeping the uneccessary followers to a minimum are great ways to maximize your use and interaction with these apps, and also boost your ability to brand and network.

These are just a few good ways to get yourself prepared for the new year. What ways are you utilizing to prepare yourself for a prosperous and successful year ahead?