Warning: Take Advantage of Your Opportunities before They Run Out

Public Service Announcement:

A closed mouth doesn’t get fed.

A plain, simple, yet powerful statement that we all use so frequently and loosely; however, never really take heed to it.

How many of us go through life and not really express the things we want out of life? We wake up each morning, wishing things were different and seeing others seek out opportunities and achieve their wildest dreams and you wonder, “why can’t the things I desire happen for me?”

Well, part of it is because of a lack of communication. Life is all about networking with the right kinds of people, and speaking up about what you want when the moment is presented to you.  Many times, we find ourselves in prime positions to seek out the opportunities we long for, but no one ever knows because sometimes those words are never spoken.

As I get older, and I do more and more evaluation, I find that even in my own life, there are so many things that I want to accomplish, and I’ve been in the positions to excel, but I can be very shy and that will hinder my opportunities.  With 2018 coming to a close, I vowed to myself that 2019 So be seen, speak up, let the world know what you want; otherwise, you won’t even know what you are capable of, or what you will be able to achieve.

I advise all of us to begin to prepare for our 2019, and make a promise to ourselves that if there is something in this world that we desire, to not be silent about it.  Our voices deserve to be used to speak up and advocate for what we want out of life.  There is no reason why you should live in a world where you never seize the opportunities you seek.  How will you be satisfied with life if you don’t take a step into the deep end?


A Little Gratitude Goes a Long Way

It’s something about the change of season. The weather is a little cooler, the leaves begin to turn and the decorations begin to make their way to your neighborhood homes. The holidays have a way of bringing out some of the warmest feelings in all of us. It also brings about the conversation of gratitude. Social media and the internet are then flooded with an age old question:

What are you grateful for?

To be honest, sometimes this question is not the easiest to answer. For many of us, tough times hit hard, and through all the pain and troubles we endure, a simple question such as what we are grateful for can feel like the one-million dollar question that you may have to phone a friend for.

The holiday season is one of the most important times of year, as it is when we most think of the things we’re most grateful to have. No matter how big or small, there’s nothing like the spirit of the holiday season that makes people really take the time to be open about what and even who they’re grateful to have in their lives.

Gratitude is something that can start off so small, and become something very significant and special. Lets take a look at a few ways gratitude takes us further than negativity would:

  • Gratitude helps us gain positive perspective: think about if you were more grateful about the things in your life. Wouldn’t it put things in a different perspective for you? A more positive perspective?
  • Gratitude helps you remember the simple things: sometimes, when I’m feeling low, I simply think of being grateful for the breath that I take. Even a simple thought such as that, can make you realize that even the simplest thoughts have a profound impact on the mind.
  • Gratitude makes you smile: take a moment and think of something you’re grateful for. Did it make you smile? Exactly!

So, when you ask yourself, “what are you grateful for?” do not allow it to consume you. It’s not a trick question, and it doesn’t require a long and complex statement. Your answer could be something as simple as ever, and still be the most important answer in the world.

Be sure to show gratitude in everything you do. 🖤

#WriterGoals for 2019

Found this really cool post by Skylarity, and decided to give you all a little peak into my head in regards to my writing goals for 2019 :)!  Share your goals as well!!

What are your writing goals for 2019?

  • Write more on my blog, write more short stories and prose, just writing all around

How many books do you plan to release in 2019?  

  • 1 poetry collection, possibly 2 fiction books

Care to share the titles of your upcoming books?

  • A Soul’s Journey….the others you will have to wait for 🙂

Will you be experimenting with a different genre in 2019?

  • Hmmm….I’m not sure yet, but this might be intriguing

What genre?

  • I guess i’m going to have to figure that out.

Why fiction?

  • It gives you the opportunity to step into a whole new world.  To be inside my head when I’m writing is truly a sight to see…lol.

What’s your favorite part of writing?

  • Researching how to make my writing worth reading.

Would you ever consider becoming a full-time writer?

  • Yes. It’s actually my ultimate goal.

Not even if the pay is “right?”

  • Yes.  I’m willing to supplement with things that won’t cause me a lot of stress. I’ve had enough professional stress to last me a lifetime.

When writing, do you think about awards, prizes, etc? Or are you focused strictly on the process?

  • I have spoken into existence that I will be a best-selling author one day.  I even want to make my series a movie adaptation.  But for now, I’m focused on the process and getting better.

Of all the books you will write or have written, which book do you think will sell the most copies?

  • I believe book 1 sold a lot.  I’m still a newbie so I am surprised I even sold as many as I did; but I hope to sell more books with my second fiction novel.  Speak positive vibes into the universe and hopefully it shall ring true.

What’s the title of your latest book and where can we find it?

  • “Playing with Fire” is my fiction novel that you can find here“From a Lover’s Mouth” is my first published collection of poetry, it can be found here.

A Rant; To the Working Millenial That is Fed Up

It’s difficult to wake up every morning, and prepare to report to a job that is not satisfying in the least.  I’m sure we have all been in a position where the stress and constant disappointment continues to mount on you, until eventually, you snap.  You have towed the company line for a long time, done what’s needed to be done, over-exerted yourself beyond a point of relief, and sacrificed the all-knowing “work-life” balance, for more work and less life. What do you do when you find that you are becoming a bit claustrophobic; you’re stuck in a box of professional conformity, and how the hell do you break loose from those conditions??

When you think long and hard about it, you want to find a new passion.  You want to develop a new career path, but you’re so burnt out from your current job, anything you think about turns to mush.  So, how do you ignite new passions, or even re-ignite passions you thought were long gone?

Before you know it, you’ve lost your steam.  You’ve lost the idea of even enjoying any job you seek out.  How do you bring yourself out of a professional hole?

I write this, in hopes of touching someone who is in the same boat as I am.  Someone who’s suffering from the same issues professionally as I experience.  It’s time to stop settling for the convenience of professions, when they do not appreciate or support you in the long run.  It’s time to find what you’re passionate about, take the leap and do it.  No more thinking or wishing you could do something better with your life when you have the potential and the ability to do so.  Do not sell yourself short and do not play small.  Find what you’re passionate about, and do what it takes to make your dreams and goals a reality.  Find the professional freedom you seek.

Stop existing in a lifestyle that brings you nothing, and live with a life that gives you everything.

November is the Month for Writers

Every November, I feel a buzzing inside of me that says “this is your month to write your best work”.  Maybe because it is National Novel Writing Month, I always feel the need to stir up the passion of writing in this month and give way to the temptation of late night writing sessions.  I really take the time to focus on new ideas, and sit in front of my laptop for hours until i get all of the words out that I need to.  I take the good and bad that comes with what it means and takes to be considered a writer; it is not for those who think typing words is easy.

Writers are storytellers, they are make-believers, most of all, they are great liars.  Writers have the ability to have the exciting job of telling lies (or sometimes exposing truths).  Believe it or not, it takes a lot to make up a really good story.

Writing is a labor.  It is truly a task and a talent to have.  You first have to have the dedication to put forth the effort to sit in front of your notebook, or your laptop and get the words out.

Next, you have to appreciate to self-criticism.  Anyone can provide feedback, but none is as brutal as a writer critiquing themselves.  But you have to learn to take that criticism, and use it as fuel to do better.  Use that criticism to tell yourself “you know you can write better, so do it.  Write better.”

Writing is also painful.  Sometimes, raw emotions come out of writing.  Sometimes stories get intertwined with fact and fiction, and it causes some of the realest emotions you can ever imagine.  You become one with the story; sometimes you feel like you may actually be living the story.  And sometimes that story causes a lot of pain and anguish.  That’s when you know it’s real.

But, beneath that hard and solid exterior, once you get into the good parts, you will find that writing is a release, a therapeutic getaway, or even an oasis right at your fingertips.

Happy November, and happy writing to all my writers out there. 🖤