One of my favorite poets posted a video of a new piece that she performed on Youtube titled, “Surviving” and it was truly breathtaking.

The poem is about the experience that is being widely discussed across the world right now, and it is truly a glimpse into the mindset of a woman who has unfortunately been a victim of rape. The many emotions, the confusing thought, fleeting doubts, fears, regrets and constant blaming are all displayed in this piece and it’s eye-opening to hear it transpire in this work.

I have not had to endure the mental, physical or emotional pain there is to endure when someone has experienced something of this magnitude, but i have heard stories of women who have had these similar conversations with themselves, families or friends. Between the inner battle between staying silent or moving on, trying to determine if you had any fault in the matter, separating the intention from the actual action; it can all be mentally exhausting, which is why Jasmine is so on point when she says that sometimes the worst part about surviving is surviving.

In this world today, there are so many that still stand in the shadows of rape and sexual assault.  These things are still happening and unfortunately, women are still grappling with the emotions and the aftermath of what to do with those actions and how to proceed.   Women today are still sitting with that encounter and wondering should they report what happened to them or should they just move on with their lives.

This poem is so powerful and meaningful.  If you have been through this, or are struggling through these emotions now, know that you are a survivor and that your voice is meant to be heard.  Seeking justice for what was done to you is not wrong, it will help you move on. Stand against your attacker’s and you will see that your strength is unmatched and your resilience is admired.