‘Tis Better to Give than Receive

Am I a giver or a taker?I am definitely more of a giver than a taker. In most instances, I give entirely too much, rather than taking what I deserve. I think I'm most cases, we tend to find ourselves giving more than taking. We don't want to appear selfish, so we give and give … Continue reading ‘Tis Better to Give than Receive


Are you Courageous Enough to Live Freely?

Oftentimes, we have these amazing goals and visions for ourselves. We have vision boards, detail-oriented plans and explanations on how to make these goals a reality and we have the ability and the opportunity to make these things happen. The question is; do you have the courage to step out and live freely in those … Continue reading Are you Courageous Enough to Live Freely?

…I Will Continue to Bloom

A journal prompt led me to write this post today, because my feelings were somewhat in line with it as well. There are many days when I feel like all hope is lost in my quest to maintain my optimism. I generally try to maintain a level of positivity about my day; especially with the … Continue reading …I Will Continue to Bloom

Be Mindful of the Energy you Put Into How Others Think of You

Do I care about what others are thinking about me? The short answer is this: NO. When I was younger, I was very self-conscious and was very concerned with how others perceived me and what people thought of me.  I have always tried to be a good person and a good friend to everyone I … Continue reading Be Mindful of the Energy you Put Into How Others Think of You

Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Essential Oils

This week, I want to highlight the use of essential oils in our self-care routine! I've recently gotten into utilizing essential oils as a part of my self-care routine and it's truly been an awesome experience. Essential oils are used in some of the most natural ways to combat stress, manage pain, and improve your … Continue reading Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Essential Oils

Learning to Forgive and Forget

Do I easily forgive or hold a grudge? I'll be honest; depending on what it was that made me upset in the first place, I have the tendency to hold a grudge sometimes. I am definitely one who will forgive but never forget, and I'm not proud of it sometimes. I know that forgiveness is … Continue reading Learning to Forgive and Forget

Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Lets Get Away…

This week's highlight is dedicated to something I absolutely LOVE doing: Vacationing! At some point, we all need a break; whether it be a stay-cation, a trip with a special someone, a boys/girls trip or a family vacation; everyone needs time to escape reality sometimes. That's why taking a vacation is so important to your … Continue reading Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Lets Get Away…

Do You Stand Out, or Go With the Flow?

Do I speak up or go along with the crowd?To be honest, it depends on the situation.  If it's something that I don't particularly agree with or something that I KNOW for a fact I will not be comfortable doing or being a part of, I simply won't do it or I will voice my … Continue reading Do You Stand Out, or Go With the Flow?

Do You Have Magical Thoughts?

If you're a fan of Insecure, then you were tuned into episode 2 this past Sunday night. In that episode, you see Molly begin to open up more to her therapist, and she starts to list all of the things that "should" be happening in her life.When Dr. Pine realizes this, she immediately clues Molly … Continue reading Do You Have Magical Thoughts?