Live Every Moment as if it Were Your Last

If I only had 6 months to live, how would I spend my time?

I'm not going to lie, I actually skipped this question because it was not really something I wanted to write about; but I told myself that I wouldn't skip any questions no matter how difficult they may be or may make me feel.

This is definitely something I don't think about often, and with me being so young it is not a question I would particularly like to dwell on at all; however, it does make you wonder about the concept of life in general.

Although I cannot sit here and pinpoint exactly how much time God will grant me to be on this Earth, I know that I, just like everyone else, only have a specific amount of time.  In that time, we are given the opportunity to make the most of our lives.  We are awarded the chance to live out our absolute best life possible.  With that I will say I would spend my time laughing with family.  I wouldn't spend my time filled with worry, or self-doubt, or angst about trivial things.  I would want to travel, see the world, laugh endlessly with my loved ones and make every moment be better than the last.

Truth be told, that's how we all should live life anyway, right?