Self-Care Sunday: Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

I’m going to keep it simple this week and take a page out of one of my favorite podcast’s books, The Friend Zone

For the wellness segment this week, Fran talked about how she began drinking 3 liters of water and raved about all the positive benefits just one extra liter of water gave her daily, since she was already drinking two liters a day.

This motivated me to highlight hydrating as a self-care topic for this week, because people be sleepin’ on water, tho’. Lol.

For about as long as I can remember, I have been on a “gallon-a-day” kick; meaning yes, I drink at least 100-128 oz of water a day.  I feel like anything less now my body is not at it’s best.  I knew that part of me becoming a healthier me began with increasing my water intake, so I took that and told myself that I would start drinking more water. There are certain formulas out there that tell you exactly how much you should drink based on your weight and body type, but so far based on how much I work out and everything, a gallon has pretty much kept me well hydrated throughout the day.

I also wanted to highlight a few of the benefits water has, because although sometimes you cannot see it, water does amazing things to your body if you pay close attention:

  • Clears up your skin
  • Cleanses your body of nasty toxins
  • Relieves fatigue and gives you an energy boost
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Relieves headache tension

Since the beginning of me drinking water, I’ve seen a great increase in all these things, and when I’m not getting enough water, I can tell. I feel tired, my skin looks washed out, and overall I feel very dehydrated.

Sometimes water is not my favorite thing to drink, but I know my body cannot live without it, so I make sure I keep my gallon jug with me, and anytime I need a thirst quencher, I tip it back and chug-a-lug!

So, this week, monitor your water intake. If you know you don’t get enough water or don’t think you’re getting enough water, try to increase how much water you drink in a day and see how it changes your overall feeling after about a week.