How to Push Past Your Comfort Zone

So far this year, there has been a lot of discomfort in my transition into 30.  There was going to be a lot of things I told myself I would do that I normally wouldn’t have ever done.   One of the main reasons I chose to do this cruel thing to myself was because as one gets older, sometimes you have to change.  Sometimes you have to spread yourself a little bit in order to know what you’re capable of growing to become.

Lately, I’ve committed to putting myself in the position to intentionally making myself do things that make me uncomfortable.  I am doing little things that the ‘old Whit’ would have NEVER dreamed of doing and to my surprise, I am slowly beginning to see that I enjoy it more and more.  Even though some of the things may not even get me out of the house, I feel that even in this millennial/digital/social media stage in life, I’m still putting myself out there in ways that I never would have a year or two ago.  As a person who is generally an introvert by nature, it is extremely difficult for me to be as outgoing as I strive to be.  I still become very shy when opportunities present themselves for me to vocal about certain things; however, with everyday that passes, I try to affirm that I can push myself to become more outgoing and outspoken as I transition into a new chapter of my life.

For me, I feel a shift of greater things happening as I approach my thirties and in order for me to be prepared for it, I believe that some of the preparation is occurring now.  I feel that certain tests are being put in my path, as a way to say “Yo, I need you to get past this, because when _____ comes into your life, you’re going to need to be ready for it.” Now, if you ask am I passing or failing these tests, I may possibly just be getting by, LOL; but I think there are lessons learned in all things.  I believe that any and every experience I’ve gone through has taught me even the smallest thing about myself, and that is what is most important.  The key is to now take those things I’m learning and apply them to becoming a better me for the future.

Between me now finally accomplishing my goal of publishing my first book, on track to publishing more, and blogging consistently and expanding that; my mind has now opened up to so many other opportunities and possibilities to how I want to expand what I am currently doing and how to make my future in writing even brighter than I ever dreamed.  From only privately  journaling two years ago, to now blogging on two sites and having a published novel is a major move for me and I feel I can only go up from here.  I can only speak on three key ways I was able to make it happen:




So, for anyone who is struggling to step out of their comfort zone I say this; no one is stopping you but you.  You have to find what will help you to push past your comfort zone and get you to where you want to be in life.  Without those three things, I wouldn’t be where I am currently, and I definitely wouldn’t have the courage to continue to dream as big as I am dreaming right now!