Sometimes you Will Suffer Alone

My first time watching Iyanla Fix My Life was on 5/20 (yea yea I know), when she attempted to fix the lives of a mother and her six children.  For the sake of spoilers, I won't go into a long detailed account of everything I saw, but I will say that they had a host … Continue reading Sometimes you Will Suffer Alone


Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Exercise 

This weeks highlight for self-care is one that not all of us may love, but know is very necessary; exercise! Lol!                      Photo cred: Google  Exercise is not only critical to improving your self-care, but it's also beneficial for your overall health in general when paired … Continue reading Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Exercise 

8-5 Whit Vs. After 5 Whit: A Lesson in My Duality

As you can see in the picture, my attempt is to show that I have two different sides of myself.  I believe a lot of us in this world live in this same reality.  First, we have the professional side.  This is the side that puts on a bright smiling face, shows up to work … Continue reading 8-5 Whit Vs. After 5 Whit: A Lesson in My Duality

Self-Care Sunday Highlight: NO!

How many times do you say no to someone when you don't want to do something? Are you the person all of your friends and family go to, because of your innate ability to always tell them 'yes'? We all inherit this nasty habit, don't we?  We say yes to things we really don't want … Continue reading Self-Care Sunday Highlight: NO!

Sipping Tea with the Enemy…I Mean Ex! A Lesson in Forgiveness…

*REBLOG* Still a very interesting question…and one of the most interesting movie endings I’ve seen in a while!

Write, Live and Love

So I just got done watching the movie, Black Coffee on BET.  The movie was quite interesting; but the part that caught my attention the most was the end.  I will explain it a little:

Robert was dating Mita at the beginning of the movie.  Well, Robert lost his job, and his woman because she was a gold-digger, and not the sharpest pencil in the bunch if you get what I mean.  Mita moved on to Robert’s boss, in which she drained him financially, and was willing to give up the company in order for Robert to take Mita back.  Needless to say, his boss was stuck with her.

In between all this, Morgan had met Robert, and they had become very interested with each other.

Meanwhile, Morgan and Hill had been divorced for like 3 years, and had just recently started to see if they could rekindle their relationship. …

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Be Careful What You Project on Others 

Have you ever gotten into an argument or disagreement with someone, and found yourself trying to push your feelings or emotions onto another person; and continuously gottten upset when they don't see things your way?  Or did you want someone to feel the same way you felt about something, so you decide to try and push … Continue reading Be Careful What You Project on Others 

Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Rest 

In honor of Mother's Day, I chose a self care technique that all mothers across America should be practicing at some point today: REST! Lol. Rest is probably in the top tier of self care tips, because without the proper rest, it's like continuing to drive without putting gas in a car.  Most times, we work … Continue reading Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Rest 

Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Meditation

This week, I am going to give you all a quick self-care tip that I have come to love in the recent weeks: meditation. First of all, we all lead busy and demanding lives.  We are being pulled and twisted and turned in so many different directions, that sometimes we leave little to no time … Continue reading Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Meditation

Forgiveness: A Reflection on Its Impact

I recently listened to a powerful message regarding forgiveness and it made me reflect on my feelings towards the concept of forgiveness and how I have allowed it to impact my life and dealings with situations when it comes to forgiving others. One thing I know about forgiveness; it's scary as hell.  No one wants … Continue reading Forgiveness: A Reflection on Its Impact