Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Unplugging

One thing that I haven’t done in a while that I plan on starting to do.

Have you ever unplugged?  By unplugging, I mean turning off your laptop and tablet, logging off all social media, putting your phone on Do Not Disturb or silent (even turning it off for that matter), and just secluding yourself for however long you choose?  No?  You should try it; it might change your life.

I’ve known people to unplug from the world for a couple of hours and it did them a world of good.  I’ve unplugged before and it was the best hours of my life.  I felt completely refreshed afterwards.  I usually choose Sunday evenings as my “unplug time”.  I pour up a nice drink, take a long bath, put a fancy oil in my diffuser and take a long bath, moisturize, exfoliate, etc.  Some of the other benefits of unplugging include giving you the opportunity to take a mental break from social media and technology, and gives you some face to face time with family or friends that you’ve been missing.

Here are a few ideas of how to unplug:

  1. Turn your phone on silent for an hour or two.
  2. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb (except for maybe 1 or 2 emergency contacts)
  3. Delete your social media apps for a weekend
  4. Turn off all your notifications (including emails)

Goal for the week: choose one of these ideas or create one of your own ways to unplug and get a quick recharge on life.
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5 Things I’ve Changed to Be Better

I recently listened to a podcast that was discussing change, and how each person has changed for the better throughout their life.  It made me sit back and think of 5 things I’ve worked towards or changed in my life to make myself become a better person.

  1. Pleasing People: I stopped trying to please everyone.  I used to try and do things that made other people happy, when in actuality, it was not making me happy, and sometimes, they really weren’t paying attention to me anyway.  I would do things just to appease a specific person, and serve a specific purpose and that was not the way to live life.  Nowadays, I do things with no intention of pleasing anyone but myself.  I choose to do things that will make me happy and bring me the most positive outcome and that is what I keep my mind on.  It has managed to reduce the amount of pressure and stress I put on myself when I was forcing myself to please others.
  2. Focused on Intentions: I am more focused on setting intentions in my life and following through with them, in my professional and personal life.  I am doing a lot better at setting small specific goals also, instead of always setting my sights on an overall goal right off the bat; and then feeling horrible about myself when I don’t achieve my goal.  Now, when I set smaller more attainable goals,  it helps me to feel more accomplished when I achieve them.
  3. No Bullshit!: I don’t dabble, dwell or deal in the BS anymore.  I’m almost thirty and I don’t have time to be in the midst of any types of BULLSHIT.  I have taken  full advantage of my mute,  unfollow and block buttons on social media, so if you are about all types of foolishness, ignorance, or just plain irritating what last nerves I’ve got left, I just get you out of my sight for a little while.  It’s quite refreshing and I wonder why I didn’t start doing it sooner.
  4. More Active: Yoga is a thing for me now.  So is meditation.  There isn’t much of an explanation for that except that in order to maintain my sanity, I had to find a way to balance,  keep my body flexible and my mind clear, because adulting will make you crazy in case you didn’t know.  Insert yoga and meditation every night.  #NamasteHomies
  5. Choosing my battles: This is definitely not something that makes me the happiest, but it keeps my blood pressure down and my health is more important.  I’m sure we can all identify with one person that we go to battle with on a frequent basis, and we put all  of our energy and effort into winning that fight;  but when you’re finished, you don’t have anything left to give.  Yea, you’re putting too much of yourself into these battles, sis.  Learn to pick your battles.  Lose some of those battles, to win the war.  Or just lose some battles and you may not even go to war.  I’m  finally learning that sometimes, it’s better to concede and just lick your wounds and move on.


So these are the 5 things that I have changed about myself so far as I transition into my new decade.  Hopefully I will keep these up and I  won’t lose my mind lol.

Take a moment and think about what 5 things you have changed in your life to better yourself as a person, wife,  mother, friend, sister,  etc?  Did they make you better?



I feel like a failure. 

I set out to accomplish a goal and I’ve missed out on at least 5-6 weeks of that goal so far.  I’ve been so out of the loop of writing that I haven’t posted an essay since week 11(ish)… I kinda feel like crap about it. 

I haven’t lost steam, or motivation, or the ideas haven’t run out; I guess you could say my health has somewhat hindered my ability to take out the time to write like I would like to.  I’ve been needing more time to rest and meditate for my own health and sanity and I haven’t been able to take time to write.  

It sucks when something that is beyond your control, stops you from doing something you love to do; and that’s the most frustrating part.  It’s not that I haven’t been able to write as well, I haven’t been myself lately and it’s caused my overall mood and emotions to change drastically.  It’s put me in an uneasy place, to say the least.  It makes me really upset and I don’t want to live a life that is bound to me being limited to not doing the things I love to do because of my health (this is particularly hard for me, because I’m a person who is practically in perfect health. I never have had any medical issues or any health issues up until now). 

Now that I’ve found a resolution and treatment plan for what’s going on, I hope to get myself back on track; which means my content will be back up and running on schedule. I may alter my schedule to posting a couple posts less a week, just so I don’t overwhelm myself (since I’m managing two blogs), and see how that goes. 

In the meantime, stay healthy, stay positive, and if you fall off, get back up.  It’s not the end of the world. 

Chill Out; We Still Care About That, Too. 

I saw a post that really bothered me the other day; and truth be told, it bothers me on a frequent level (about as frequent as I see it).

Everyone who’s not living under a rock or in denial knows that the world is in shambles, and between living in the era of #Cheeto45, racial injustices, senseless shootings, etc. it’s truly hard to continue to keep up with the desctruction happening everyday.

What bothers me, is when something light-hearted, funny or even possibly slightly ignorant happens on social media and it goes viral, it seems to  be a crime to acknowledge it; because people  think that it’s just a secret plot to take your mind off of “what’s more important”.

I’ve seen it several times in many different ways.  One may say, “Oh, ________ is happening to take your minds off of __________ and y’all are falling for it, smh.” OR, “don’t let _________overshadow _________.  Y’all stay woke!” *insert side eye here, there and everywhere*.

I guess what bothers me about the statement,  is that people tend to judge someone based on what they are talking about or posting at that time.  Just because I notice something that has hit the media today, doesn’t mean I forgot about the tragedy that happened two days ago that I spoke about as well.  People are entitled to  have opinions and feelings about more than one thing at a time; and just because we are discussing one thing on one day, doesn’t mean we have completely swept everything else under the rug.

I feel like the intention is that we have to dwell on one subject for whatever allotted amount of time is deemed appropriate, before you can move on to the next thing.  I may be taking it a tad bit too seriously, but this is just my personal opinion about it.  I don’t think the overall intention is to just sweep everything under the rug and then forget about it, but I also feel that people are entitled to place feelings wherever they see fit.

This is just my two cents about it, but it’s in no way the “right” or “wrong” way to feel.

-Whit C.

Self-Care Sunday Highlight: People

Aligning yourself with the right people can be some of the best therapy you can attain.

Some may look at people and think “nah. When I’m about self-care it’s just about me”. I feel you, and I agree; most of my self-care is selfish me time and I don’t want to be bothered with the foolishness.

But sometimes, I need my best friend to make me laugh and keep me sane; or I need my mom to give me some encouragement, I need my sister for support, I need my husband for affection, or even my daughter for her innocent joy.  Each person I hold close to my life, gives me something that can bring me out of my darkest moments. This is why I say having people is important; because sometimes, you don’t want to be alone. Sometimes self-care means leaning on someone you love and letting them pour some love and care into you.

Sometimes, we go through things in solitude and don’t look for those special people in our lives to complete us.  I believe that everyone in my life is a piece of my puzzle.  Everyone takes a specific shape and size; and in some unique way, they fit.  Self-care is looked at as a one-person ideal; however, sometimes part of caring for yourself is remembering you have a supporting cast behind you to always keep you whole.

This week, be sure to identify those special puzzle pieces in your life, and let them love, care and support you while you do so for yourself.