Keep your soul beautiful today, loves! 🙂


Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Laughter 

The age-old quote says "laughter is good for the soul", and I couldn't agree more.  Ask yourself, when is the last time you laughed?  When is the last time something made you giggle uncontrollably.  Also, ask yourself how you felt after you had a good, hearty laugh.  Whenever I laugh, it's like medicine to numb … Continue reading Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Laughter 

A Second Chance at a Better Relationship

Everyone deserves second chances and new opportunities to make things better.  I've been awarded more second chances in life than I can count; and definitely more than I probably deserved.  As I reflect on the things that I have been through, I can't help but be grateful for the second chances I have had or … Continue reading A Second Chance at a Better Relationship

Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Music

This week's highlight for self-care is one of my personal favorites: music. Photo Cred: Google Images Music is one of the most therapeutic things I utilize in my day-to-day life.  I can pretty much listen to any type of music, as long as it gives me good feeling vibes.  I have always loved music and … Continue reading Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Music

For the Women..

Before I call it a night, for International Women's Day, I want to personally shoutout all the hard-working, dedicated, beautiful, talented, strong, resilient, positive, encouraging, magical women that I know and love dearly. In honor of this day, I'm sure some of us either protested or was unable to protest (I for one had to … Continue reading For the Women..

Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Positive Affirmations

This week's highlight to promote self care is the use of positive affirmations and how to incorporate them in your daily life. photo cred: Google Images I'll admit that at I've never paid much attention to any typ of motivational words of affirmations before.  I noticed how Mary Jane (of Being Mary Jane) would have … Continue reading Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Positive Affirmations