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Essay #9, Writing and Taking Leaps of Faith

Sometimes you can’t find anything to write about, except the process of writing itself.  As you all know, I have been completing a  challenge that is hashtagged #52essays2017.  It is basically where I write one essay a week for the entire year.  So far, I’m nine weeks into the new year, which means I am 9 weeks into writing essays.  What I thought would be an overwhelming feat, is actually pretty exciting and eye-opening for me.

When I was first notified of this challenge, it immediately intimidated me.  I thought to myself, “there is no way I will be able to write 52 essays.”  Because of this, I slept on it, and told myself that if I never take a leap and try something that I think is virtually impossible, how will I ever know if it truly was impossible?  I decided at that moment, that #52essays2017 would not only help me accomplish what I thought was impossible, but also help me grow and develop as a writer; which is the most important thing to me.

Taking on this challenge has also helped me learn something about myself; something I probably never would have admitted to myself before.  I never take leaps when the opportunity presents itself.  The old  me (more like the 2016 me) would have saw this  opportunity and ran in the opposite direction.  I would have focused on the  reasons  why I couldn’t do it,  instead of the  reasons that it would benefit me in  the long  run.  I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to prove to myself  that I could push myself as a writer.

Writing essays was never something I thought I could be good at, but through this  experience and  finding other writers and  bloggers; I have noticed  that  I am not alone.  I  am not the only one who has writing  growing pains, or has bouts of intense  writer’s block or horribly (at least what we think, lol) written blog posts or essays.  I am in a community of human writers, who also have taken a leap to push themselves past what they think was their maximum point,  and writing at least once a week about anything we put our minds to.

This essay in particular counts number nine.  I still cannot believe  I’ve successfully completed nine essays that range from talking about my family to my  career.  What I thought was going to be difficult, has actually been a pretty fun challenge to take on.  I gave myself a challenge to write an essay, read three essays, and follow at least two other WordPress bloggers from this point on.  I have read some great essays that have either sparked ideas for myself to dive into or touched me on a personal level.

Challenges like this really help you to realize and discover that there are so many great writers in this world.  Some of the most wonderful storytellers are out there, writing blog posts and personal essays, sharing their innermost thoughts and memories. I’m proud to say that almost three months later, I am still amongst those willing to find the words to keep telling my stories.

This week, I dedicate this post to those who are still holding on to the process; and still allowing this journey to push our boundaries, help us grow and push past our comfort zone and find a new level of growth.

This post is for all the writers who are still writing, despite the challenges that the writing process may face.  We’re in this to  win it!  Don’t give up, we got this! nine down, 43 to go!

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How to Combat Depression


Lisa Brown Alexander is the CEO of Nonprofit HR, the nation’s leading full-service human resources firm focused exclusively on the nonprofit sector. But despite her success, she was keeping something secret from her family, friends and colleagues. “I am a successful career woman who has battled with depression for five years.” Alexander’s book Strong On the…

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Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Journaling

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With everything that has transpired between 2016 and now, I have taken a more conscious effort into embracing more self-care techniques; just to make sure my mental, physical and overall well-being is protected at all costs (because if I don’t take care of myself, who will?).  I have been wanting to do this for some time now, so I have decided to dedicate a few minutes every Sunday to thinking of different tips to share with you all in regards to self-care, which will also be things that I use on a regular basis as well.

This week I want to highlight journaling; possibly my most favorite method of self-care.  Journaling is simply writing down how you’re feeling; whether it be good, bad or indifferent.  Journaling helps you observe and dissect your emotions, and put them on paper.  It is somewhere you can either ramble on, or write clearly and specifically.  Journaling truly has not right or wrong way; I tend to call mind word vomit, because it literally is everything that needs to come out, and afterwards I’m left feeling much better.

One of the key factors I have learned in journaling is to be an equal opportunist in what you write about.  If you only write about negative things in your journal, then it may begin to have a negative perspective to you (this actually happened to me).   I recently had to change to a new notebook to journal in, because of this exact thing; everything I wrote about was very negative and had little to no positive energy there.  After I changed notebooks, I began to write about the things that also made me feel great, as opposed to only writing about the things that made me sad or angry.  Writing about good things gives you the opportunity to look back on memories and draw from that when needing encouragement or a way to lighten your mood.

You can also have different journals for different purposes.  You can have a journal for your personal life, a journal for your spiritual journey, and even a journal for your creative goals (if any).  There is no rule of thumb for the quantity, quality or content of your journal.  It is yours to use to the best of your ability, and to allow the emotions to flow out of you and onto the page, with the intention to help you move towards a more positive mood.

This week, see if journaling helps with managing your emotions, venting or giving yourself some level of positive praises. Next week, we’ll be highlighting another method of self-care you can use in your everyday life!

-Whit C.

Friday Night’s Wine: Diseño Malbec

For this week, I decided to try a Malbec, which I actually have never had before (shocking even for me!).  This wine is a 2014 old vine Malbec, based in Mendoza, Argentina.  For my first time trying a Malbec, I made a pretty good choice.

I actually drank this wine on two different days this week; Thursday and Friday.  I didn’t pair it with anything in particular, except #TGIT (shoutout to my fellow Shondaland fam) and a FaceTime date with my best friend, but if I was eating dinner with this wine, it would be with either chicken or beef.

You can immediately taste the boldness of the berry flavors (blueberry, cherry) in this wine.  There is also a slight hint of spices in this wine, but certainly not overpowering.  It wasn’t very heavy either; it felt kind of light and smooth on the palette, and didn’t leave me with an overwhelming feeling about the dryness (although I’m partial to a dryer wine than some).

Overall, it was a great tasting wine; and I am glad that it was the one I chose to try for my first Malbec!  It’s one I will be buying again and adding to my personal wine list :).

REPOST: Mental Health Matters 


Just wanted to share this with someone who may be listening.

Everyday, something traumatic is happening in the world. Whether it be in our careers, our personal lives, in society; there is always something that is captured in social media, in the news or right in front of you that jarrs your emotions and sends you into a spiral. Everyone has a trigger. In my job (social work) I deal in traumatic situations daily. I deal with issues that can break a family apart, break them down, or completely destroy them; and sometimes, I am relied upon heavily to help people put the pieces back together.  I’m sure on more than one occasion, there are many of us who have felt this same way. It is a grave task, and sometimes just too much to bear.

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