Celebrating the Journey: 2016 Recap 

I think we can all agree that for the most part, 2016 had some pretty rough patches, lol. The important thing is I came out of it with my health and sanity in tact; so first, let's toast to that!  As I prepare to close out this year, I am sitting back and reminiscing on … Continue reading Celebrating the Journey: 2016 Recap 


The Christmas Tag!!!

"Chestnuts roasting, on an open fire......" 🙂 So, today I'm feeling real holly and jolly today (possibly because of the Christmas  party we are having at work today).  As an extension of my holiday cheer, I am going to do the Christmas tag for you all!  I will have the questions down at the bottom … Continue reading The Christmas Tag!!!

A Little Loc Appreciation

It amazes me when people see my hair and say they love it. I'm like:  "really? Today of all days when I need to moisturize, wash and retwist?"   Edges look all kinds of disrespectful but people love it.  I guess I'm taking care of it pretty well!  Shoutout to all the beautifully loc'd men … Continue reading A Little Loc Appreciation

But I’m (un)comfortable

You Forgot Your Common Sense

ah comfort! That thing that puts us at ease, that thing we are used to, that makes us feel good. I was recently asked, “Do you think fear stops you sometimes from moving forward?” my answer was simple “of course!”. Fear is just the presence of the unknown. You have no idea if what’s ahead will cause pain, threaten you or your life(style) in any way, or be dangerous.  Moving forward creates an expectation, results, the higher up you climb the more the reality sets in you could fall. Moving forward means change, uncomfortable change since you don’t really have an idea what’s ahead or how to prepare for it. If you knew what was ahead would you have the same fear to move towards it?

My conversation was followed up by “why don’t we ever think of standing still as scary”. My answer was simple again, “comfort”. Standing still…

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Powerful thoughts! I agree completely!


dsc_0842 …you would always catch them networking with written words 😉

This is a conversation I have with myself regularly. It is something I ponder, question, and do serious analysis when I ask my self certain question concerning writing.
What makes a writer a ‘writer’?
Writing is food. It is nourishment. It isn’t a selected choice, it becomes a need. Yet what we write is only individually filtered if we write from our own scope. Experiences and cognitions become the staple recipe, but without the added ingredients, it can become bland and tasteless.
I repeat, what makes a writer a ‘writer’?
We each have a personal expert area, a specialism which we devour. We drink this knowledge and feed on every last particle. This allows us to recite and share our learning and passion with others.

In becoming articulate in the written word adds an extra dimension to conveying this information…

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Loving Yourself Gets Hard, and That’s Ok.

Today, I was faced with an emotion that I haven't felt in a long time;  I wasn't happy with myself.  I was having a pretty bad day and beating myself up about it.  I hadn't felt this way in a long time; in fact, I had been in surprisingly great spirits lately about a number … Continue reading Loving Yourself Gets Hard, and That’s Ok.

Don’t Put Others Down When They Need You Most

A quick PSA that has been on my heart: Sometimes, people need a small village of loved ones who they lean on for support, guidance and love.  It's not a bad thing to want to have someone you can truly vent to; someone who doesn't judge, doesn't make assumptions or opinions; and someone who doesn't … Continue reading Don’t Put Others Down When They Need You Most