#DoloConversations: I Thought 30 Would Look Different….

How many of us have all these extravagant and  big goals by the time you turn 30?

Yea….me too.

Now, how many of us are nowhere near reaching those goals by 30?

No one?  Yea…me too.

It seems the closer I get to my #DirtyThirty era, the more and more I begin to feel like my world is in shambles.  There once was a time when 30 seemed to be a feasible goal for some of my life’s accomplishments to be completed.  Needless to say, I am a little over a year away from 30, and I don’t have many of those goals in my sights.  Can I say I am making moves towards getting them accomplished?  I’d say that’s a fairer assessment these days.

I wouldn’t say that I am in a horrible place;  I have a good job, I’m married with my first child, I am not in mountains of debt (although my spending habits need a hard reset), and I can say that I’m living my best life possible right now.  Despite all these things that I have in place for myself, there is still that nagging little voice in the back of my head saying “Well, didn’t you want to get THIS done by 30?” or “You should have had THAT done way before now, you’re almost 30!”  See how that can get annoying? *rolls eyes*.  Now I understand why people want to run away from their own thoughts, because it can get pretty exhausting constantly listening to yourself continue to be reminded of a timeline that you aren’t going to successfully stay on.

I guess for now, I just have to take the good with the bad, and sit down and possibly make a new list for what I plan to accomplish throughout my 30’s.  That should definitely take away  some pressure of having a time stamp on certain goals.  Life happens, and some things take a lot longer than anticipated.  You just have to learn to hold on to life by the horns, and try not to fall off, because it’s bound to take you on a bumpy and wild ride!  I will continue to have the same goals I had; and hopefully, I might be able to smash a few in this next year.  If not, I’m sure i’ll be ok, and I know the world won’t crumble if I don’t have my life completely together by 30 (yes, this was how my mind worked about 15 years ago LOL).

So, to all my #Almost30 peeps out there, hang in there.  Our grown up glow up may not be coming when we anticipated, but it is coming soon! 🙂