Weekly Affirmation

So many of us are waiting around for others to affirm our greatness. We’re waiting around for a relationship to affirm we are worthy of love. We are waiting around for a job to affirm that we… Source: Weekly Affirmation


Trust and Forgiveness. 

Everyone has to battle with the concept of trust and forgiveness at some point of their lives with someone in their lives that they care strongly about.  Lately, I've been seeing these 2 things going hand-in-hand with each other, because without initially trusting someone, how can you really forgive them?  I feel that on some … Continue reading Trust and Forgiveness. 

#InsecureHBO: The Recap!

Ok, so THANK YOU Issa Rae for making a show that speaks to so many other aspects of my life! I was able to finally watch Insecure yesterday (because trying to find access to someone's HBOGO has been a bitch) on YouTube (once again, THANK YOU).  Word to the wise, if you watch it at work, put … Continue reading #InsecureHBO: The Recap!

Happiness Isn’t Constant: A Realization

Recently, I had a sort of epiphany about life, and I feel like it's going to change my quality of life in an amazing way.  I have come to realize that it is ok to tell someone you are unhappy; because happiness isn't constant.  Once I adopted that mantra into my daily living, I have … Continue reading Happiness Isn’t Constant: A Realization