Take that Leap 

I found another motivating quote pic on Instagram this week, and it resonated with me in a way that I needed to add a few motivational words to it for today.

I can’t count how many times I have said I was going to take the chance to do something great, and get stalled at point of fear.  

The fear of being rejected for your ideas, the fear of failure, the fear of not being positively supported will take a very big toll on you and cause you to question yourself; and your ideas and your chance to be great will be stunted by your inability to push through the barriers.  In the end, you give up; and in the future, you begin to regret those chances you didn’t take when you had the chance. 

I try my best to not live in the mentality of regret.  I make a conscious decision to do something or not to do something, and I find peace with that decision.  Living in regret will only cause you more pain, you will begin to have self-doubt about future goals and opportunities, and it’s just not a fun way to live life. 

Wasn’t it Ms. Frizzle from Magic School Bus that said “take chances, make mistakes and get messy!” 

I think we should all take heed to that gem of a statement.