Because Sometimes I Long for Peace

Sunset in Punta Cana

My mom sent this picture while she was on vacation, and I thought it was the best representation of what I desired at this moment.
To be in a calm environment, with no other signs of life around; just being in my presence, silencing my mind and enjoying my own little taste of uninterrupted tranquility.

One day, I’ll be in a position where this can be my everyday life.  Until then, I live with the insanity that is my life.


Dear Sis – F*ck Them

Let it be understood.

A Thomas Point of View

Dear Sis,

I know that you are hurting. I know that life right now seems unbearable. The pain that you feel when people who love you seem to disrespect you and your feelings has you wondering what the hell did you do. You cry. You try to explain. You become emotionally drained. You blame you.

You think that there is something wrong with you. What could you have done to make people treat you so bad? When will joy come? Why can’t people just be of good character? You toss and turn and try to find joy in the little things so people don’t see your tears. So, your friends don’t see the pain behind your fictitious smile.

But, I want to tell you this sis…F*CK THEM!

You have to stop trying to figure out what you did and start eliminating people from your life that don’t wish you well…

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Coloring Book 

So…I just recently gave Chance the Rapper a listen..(definitely behind the wave, but don’t crucify me ladies and gents lol).  I’ll admit, I haven’t really listened to Chance the Rapper before, so I will say I’m behind the game on him, but with all the good things I’ve heard so far, I finally decided to take some time out and listen to his latest project, Coloring Book.

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I have a small blog on WP

Great read for us small bloggers out here ☺️

Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall


I have a small blog on WP and I’m ashamed that at times I am somewhat envious of those who have a larger following than I do.  I have to admit that I wonder what it would be like to have a blog with several thousand followers and hundreds of views every day.  And then I wonder what my email would look like after receiving notices where people may have liked this or may have commented on that.  And then I wonder what I’m doing wrong and why it’s not growing like I would like.  What’s it like to be in the big time on WP?

And then I look around at my garden and I realize that my blog is like my garden in as much as it grows in its own good time.  It’s limited by what I plant and how much space that I give it and…

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