Power of Music

It's amazing how powerful lyrics are... They can have such an effect on emotions.


If you Didn’t Know Jesse Williams Was Woke, Now you Know.

If you were watching the BET Awards last night, then you know that Jesse Williams was given the 2016 BET Humanitarian Award.  If you watched further, you would have heard this young gentleman render a powerful and thought-provoking speech.  I was listening to him, and I immediately got engrossed in what he was saying; it … Continue reading If you Didn’t Know Jesse Williams Was Woke, Now you Know.

Summer 16: Bucket List

Since summer is finally upon us (officially according to my calendar), I am creating a summer bucket list.  I am going to live life this summer, despite the previous summers where all I do is work and don't enjoy life.  So, here goes. Hit a water park, or 2. Go to the beach, several times … Continue reading Summer 16: Bucket List

#WhitWritesHerNovel: Back Into the Swing of Things

So, with the debut of my newest novel about 2 months in at this point (order copies HERE), I feel like i have taken a decent enough break and am ready to jump back full force into writing up the sequel to Playing with Fire. So far, I have written out the characters and their … Continue reading #WhitWritesHerNovel: Back Into the Swing of Things