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Not many people get to say that they saw their dreams come true in their lifetime.  Today, 4/14/16, I can say that I saw my dream come true.  Anyone who knows me knows that I probably would have never seen this coming out of my life.

I am now known as a published author.

And I don’t care if I never sell but one copy, I don’t care if only my family supports me, I don’t care if everyone who reads it hates it….

I made it happen, and the joy I feel in my heart right now knowing that I had a dream and I worked hard to accomplish it,  makes this moment that much more amazing to me.

I may not become as famous and big as any of my favorite authors, or any other indie authors out there, but hey…I’m here.  And now I can tell people

“Yea, I published a novel.”

This is big for me, y’all.  And I appreciate all that support me near and far.  It’s truly appreciated.