Just Saying ~ April 15th



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Not many people get to say that they saw their dreams come true in their lifetime.  Today, 4/14/16, I can say that I saw my dream come true.  Anyone who knows me knows that I probably would have never seen this coming out of my life.

I am now known as a published author.

And I don’t care if I never sell but one copy, I don’t care if only my family supports me, I don’t care if everyone who reads it hates it….

I made it happen, and the joy I feel in my heart right now knowing that I had a dream and I worked hard to accomplish it,  makes this moment that much more amazing to me.

I may not become as famous and big as any of my favorite authors, or any other indie authors out there, but hey…I’m here.  And now I can tell people

“Yea, I published a novel.”

This is big for me, y’all.  And I appreciate all that support me near and far.  It’s truly appreciated.


Writing Addiction: Part 1

This is definitely me! 🙂

The PBS Blog

I once heard that “if you wake up in the morning and all you can think about is writing, then you’re a writer” (ok so that was actually Sister Act 2, but I did say this is what I HEARD).

picAre YOU addicted to writing?

Are you SURE about that?

Symptom #1: You Take Your Computer to The Movies

Now that is what I call OCD for writing, except this isn’t literal (I take that back, for some it just might be). With the technology these days, trees must be rejoicing from bark not shed for pencils….uh oh, I feel a poem coming on, but I’d stick to the topic here. Don’t wanna get stoned or nothing…you guys are tough.

So instead of walking around pen stuck to pad like we used to, there’s no way I’m gonna miss the opportunity to write a good…

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