On Nudity: Kim Empowerment

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I don’t buy into Kim’s hype….

Properly Improper

I am no fan of Kim Kardashian or any member of her family so I ignored the many links of Kim breaking the internet (insert eyeroll), again. Of course there was immediate backlash to the photo with plenty twitter clapback. The best coming from Ms. Midler

(insert hysterical laughter here)kim-kardashian-tweets-3-8-16-bette-midler

Kim responded yesterday with a powerful essay on nudity and empowerment (Huffington Post 3/8/16). Powerful is a strong word and I would not use it to describe Kim’s essay in the least but its 2016 and we have Donald Trumps and Kim Kardashians as influential people.

I don’t think Kim is a dumb woman, matter of fact kudos to her for building an empire for her family off a sex tape because there are millions of women in sex tapes and they have not been able to capitalize they way she has. Every family should have a Kris Kardashian …or…

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Those three words

The Ginny Diaries

Chasing Cars. Do you know it? It reminds me of being in love. That nothing and no one else exists for you, the world melts away type love. It’s sacred. It’s reckless. You feel it with abandon, you burn bright with its anticipation and you revel in the touch of it’s reality. It is maddening. It tempers you. It grows on you. You forget you ever knew anything otherwise. And it’s not the falling that gets you, it’s the being of it that takes hold. You don’t just care about someone. It’s an every day, in and out calm insanity where your heart exists outside your body. You feel fragile yet strong, young and yet wise. It’s the experience of another and not the expectation of a fairytale. It’s embarking on the unknown, it’s the trials of the journey. It’s coming home. And… I’ve missed it.


xo. Ginny

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Marriage Has Changed My Life

Marriage is a beautiful thing! 🙂

Writings By Ender

  A while ago my wife, Jasmin, asked me to help her in the kitchen. I had recently graduated from a demanding year-and-a-half-long language course, so I had time to learn to cook. “Cube the chicken,” she asked. I went to the kitchen counter with a knife and lightly sawed the meat. While cutting my first and only slice of chicken, I felt the hair on the back of my neck rise; my wife was staring at me. “You’re taking so long,” she groaned. It had taken me nearly a minute to separate one strip of chicken. “Here,” she sighed. “Just put a tablespoon of oil on the pan, I’ll do the rest.” And I poured a teaspoon instead.

  I’ve been married less than six months and I still have many lessons to learn before I become an adept spouse; I can’t cook and I still grumble when we do chores…

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