Was Chris Rock Too Much??

Yes, yes, yes.  I watched the Oscars last night.  I know I may seem like I shouldn't have, but I did.  I know a lot of my friends who did and a lot who didn't; and I support all of them.  I just chose to watch it, because I wanted to see what Chris Rock … Continue reading Was Chris Rock Too Much??


American Crime Season 2

If you have not been watching American Crime this season, I highly recommend taking a day off and binge watching the series.  It is in many ways, horrifically awesome writing and acting by all players.  I am not sure what type of ratings the show is getting, but it really needs some recognition because it … Continue reading American Crime Season 2

10 simple ways to reward your staff

Some things I like to use to reward my team!


If you are a manager, have you asked yourself this question, how do you reward your team?

If you are not leading a team, ask yourself too, how do you wish to be rewarded?

Many people associate rewards for good work with promotion and pay raise. What if the company just unable to pay more? Well, here are 10 simple ways that I used to reward my staff without breaking my own bank and the amount is small enough that I don’t need to claim from my company.


  1. Sugar High
    I love to buy little treat like Halloween candies on sale that comes in bite sizes Snickers or Mars bars. I would buy them and reward my staff with these little treats. No doubt they are not your 3-year-old kid but who doesn’t like a bite-sized midday snack to perk up the rest of the day? There must be a reason…

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Will Love Prevail?: The Sage and Jordin Story

Y'all, Sage needs a hug, kiss and a prayer, because he definitely has it bad for Jordin. I'm sure everyone has found out by now that Sage the Gemini and Jordin Sparks have recently broken up.  From what I have read, it doesn't look like they have disclosed why they broke up; however, word on … Continue reading Will Love Prevail?: The Sage and Jordin Story

I’m Black, But I’m Not….

Saw this video done by BuzzFeed that we shared on my Facebook and I wanted to make my own "I'm Black, but I'm not..." statement: I'm Black, but I'm not..... Ashamed of my skin. Or From the projects. In poverty. On food stamps. A weed smoker because I have dreads. Afraid of my "pro-blackness". A bitch … Continue reading I’m Black, But I’m Not….