#WhitWritesHerNovel: Are We Ready to Proof?

So I got my proof copy of Playing with Fire today, and I'm experiencing a flurry of emotions.  Most of all, I'm excited. I'm beyond excited and I have no idea how to deal with all this positive energy. Let me tell y'all something about me: When I say I'm an average person, I mean … Continue reading #WhitWritesHerNovel: Are We Ready to Proof?


Who’s to Blame in the Cheating Game?

Let's talk about this real quick: I would have to agree with this statement. The only way a woman is going to know how far she can go, is if that man allows her to take it that far.  Sometimes, women get upset with other women when they find out their man has been cheating, … Continue reading Who’s to Blame in the Cheating Game?

Why Don’t Superwomen get an Off Day?

I had a rough day (and long day) at work yesterday, but I feel like this is my life right now. The grind doesn’t stop but I’m hoping for an easy weekend! : )

Write, Live and Love

As we go through life and its many stages (adulthood, dating, marriage, children) it’s so easy to wish that we were back to the “good old days” when we are hit with rough times or life just becomes too “adult” for us to handle.  I know I have experienced this several times (I mean, who hasn’t?! Lol).


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At this very moment in life, I am a mother to an 18 month old, and a wife of 3 years.  My time and energy is demanded at every turn and I have a ton of new responsibilities and guidelines to live by, rather than when I was in college.  One thing that I am not ashamed to admit that I struggle with, is carving out the time for myself.  You can read plenty of articles and blog posts about how ‘me-time’ is needed and required, but how do you find…

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Friends (of the opposite sex): How Many of us Have Them?

I saw an interesting Twitter conversation the other day, regarding married or involved couples, who have friends of the opposite sex.  It was something I definitely wanted to shed some light on and thought it would be an interesting for me to write about.  The question that arose was, is having friends of the opposite … Continue reading Friends (of the opposite sex): How Many of us Have Them?

Between the World and Me

I recently purchased this book and it is on my to do list to read next! I’m excited because I have heard so many good things!

Black and Bookish

Between-The-World-and-MeToni Morrison said the writings of Ta-Nehisi Coates have filled a void left by the notorious James Baldwin. Both grapple with black masculinity, traveling abroad, and the insurmountable task of surviving while black in America. Coates’ essays to his son are hyperaware of black history and the falsities of the American Dream but also encourage an exploration of the world not afforded to many of the diaspora.

I read Between the World and Me, on a 4 hour flight to LAX. I needed some inspiration before starting my last semester of my undergraduate career, and I couldn’t have made a better choice. Coates’ words reminded me of my parents, and the way he described his son sounded eerily similar to myself. One striking paragraph described his son’s distraught confusion when the verdict for Micheal Brown’s case was known. His son e inspiration before starting my last semester of my undergraduate career, and…

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