#ConfessionsOfALocdGoddess: Kids and Chemicals 

One day, my husband and I were talking about hair, and what my plans are with my daughter's hair.  Since he was with me through my loose natural phase, and through my loc phase, he asked me how I would want our daughter's hair to be. He first asked me if I would loc her … Continue reading #ConfessionsOfALocdGoddess: Kids and Chemicals 


My Review on Having a Personal Trainer

I have finally finished my 6 months of personal  training!  I wanted to do a review on it, because I have a new-found positive perspective on it. Before, when I would get serious about being in the gym and working out, I never considered getting a personal trainer.  My main thought was, "I can do … Continue reading My Review on Having a Personal Trainer

My Heart Breaks for Savannah

This has really been something that has stuck with me in the past couple weeks. I recently found out about a domestic dispute that resulted in a murder-suicide in Savannah, Ga.  The young lady who was killed was only 19 years old and had a child. It was heartbreaking to read. Lately, it seems that … Continue reading My Heart Breaks for Savannah

Do Black Lives Matter to Us?

My husband and I were having a discussion about the latest tragedies, where innocent black lives are being taken for no particular reason. I told him how it literally made me sick to think about; to know that yet another man/woman/child is being slain by a white person. I am usually not one to focus … Continue reading Do Black Lives Matter to Us?

#ConfessionsOfALocdGoddess: Hair Updates and Such!

I haven't given you guys an update on these locs in a while, so I decided to let you all know what's been going on! Color: I colored my locs! This was the day after I colored them on my way to work! I was going for a deep red/burgundy/copper type color....I think it turned out … Continue reading #ConfessionsOfALocdGoddess: Hair Updates and Such!

A Bad Day at Work…

I usually gripe about bad days at work, but truthfully, they are nothing more than days where I actually WORK all day long, and don't really have a moment to breathe.  Those days truly aren't that bad, because I'm usually creating solutions to problems that arise, and in the end, although it takes a lot … Continue reading A Bad Day at Work…