My Open Mic Experience

On 11/21, I went to the second open mic night held in my hometown.  I posted this post describing my newest quest on the bucket list of life, which was actually performing at an open mic night.  Well, with the support and encouragement from friends and family, I didn't chicken out, lol! I performed one of… Continue reading My Open Mic Experience


The Value in Self-Care

Lately I have been really trying to keep up with my level of self-care.   I was having a conversation with a friend, who told me that I really need to try to do more of it (or do it at all because I don't).  I thought about it and she is right, I don't… Continue reading The Value in Self-Care



Tuesday marked the 28th year the Lord has blessed me with life.  I didn't do much, aside from the adult obligations (license renewal and registration lol), but I enjoyed the day doing some things that I wanted to do. I took a lot of time to reflect on the things I want to accomplish in… Continue reading #Year28


Hall passes?!

So, I have recently seen that Mo'Nique has stated that she has given her man a hall pass, and the floodgates have opened up! I was listening to Rickey Smiley this morning, while women were calling in giving their 2 cents as where they stand with giving their mate a hall pass.  I heard a… Continue reading Hall passes?!


Pray for this World

I have noticed that there are a lot of things going on in the world today. Not to mention, many people are trying hard to make people feel insignificant in what they support and don't support.  If you support one thing, you are no longer supporting something else and if you are standing for one… Continue reading Pray for this World


My Upcoming Leap

So, this may not be a big deal for some, but I will be performing at an open mic night this month.... *pause for reaction* I've never been so nervous in all my days, but I need to take a leap of faith sometime. I'm working on some new poems, and so far I haen't… Continue reading My Upcoming Leap


I Bought Clothes. Lol

So, I sort of went against my challenge to myself yesterday, but I am glad I did. I originally told myself that I would not buy myself a stitch of clothing until I lost a substantial amount of weight.  I was all for this, until I realized I have no winter clothes, and a pair… Continue reading I Bought Clothes. Lol