Why Don’t Superwomen get an Off Day?

As we go through life and its many stages (adulthood, dating, marriage, children) it’s so easy to wish that we were back to the “good old days” when we are hit with rough times or life just becomes too “adult” for us to handle.  I know I have experienced this several times (I mean, who hasn’t?! Lol).


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At this very moment in life, I am a mother to an 18 month old, and a wife of 3 years.  My time and energy is demanded at every turn and I have a ton of new responsibilities and guidelines to live by, rather than when I was in college.  One thing that I am not ashamed to admit that I struggle with, is carving out the time for myself.  You can read plenty of articles and blog posts about how ‘me-time’ is needed and required, but how do you find the time? Here lies my conundrum.

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Blast from the past


I’m starting to type all of my old poems and save them on my jump drive so that I don’t lose the papers or they don’t start to fade.

I couldn’t help but laugh at myself, because I started writing and really keeping my poems together around 9th grade, so I will say around 2002-2003.  So I am taking a serious flashback into my mindset about 12-13 years ago.  Mostly all my poems were about love or any aspect of love (lost, infidelity, infatuation, fantasy, etc)….which is hilarious to me at the ripe age of 27.

First, what in the world did I know about temptations and infatuations at the age of 14?  I tried to think back and wonder “was I writing about someone in particular?”  I know I had a boyfriend, but I know  myself.  And I know that if those poems were about someone, I would be able to recall the moment I wrote them and the memories they were tied to.  I read a lot of books back then as well, and I can tell that some of the way I was writing was drawing off experience I read about, saw on TV, or even possibly heard someone else talking about.

I know there are poems in the archives about my relationships, but I know these beginning ones weren’t it.  All I can say is I am blessed to have had the imagination and creativity to write poems, and that in 13 years I have evolved to where I am now; more of a spoken word/prose poet and writer.

I can’t wait to continue to hone this craft and see where it takes me.

Why Does it Matter What I Watch on TV?

I read an article recently, like many others I have read that highlight all the negative reasons why people shouldn’t watch reality TV and things like Scandal, Being Mary Jane, Empire, How to Get Away with Murder, etc.  On one end, it highlights that people of color are making waves in television, starring in major roles and getting the opportunity to play major parts and be on prime time TV.  On the other hand, the characters that have to be depicted all have some form of flaw and it is always is depicted that we are slowly taking the L as a race and culture.  Let’s examine shall we:

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Will I do NaNoWriMo this year?

I am contemplating on NaNo this year.  I think I would like to do it, but I am not sure if I will keep up on the website like last year.  I can easily keep track of how many words I put in everyday, so not being on the website won’t be detrimental to me.  Last year is when I first did NaNo and I got a lot of words down on Playing with Fire. It definitely helped me, and I probably wouldn’t have finished it without the push of NaNo behind me, lol.

In the interim of that, I have been brainstorming ideas for my next novel.  I guess one could say I’m hooked.  I haven’t found a specific topic just yet, but I’ve been playing around with some ideas. Hopefully I will find one that I can stick with and get started on once Nov. 1 gets here.

Anyone else participating this year?

Know your Lane

A lot of people tend to speak on subjects in which they know nothing about. We want to peg ourselves as experts, yet haven’t done the edtensive research behind those aspects; or better yet, they just have not lived in them.  I like to believe that there is always a life twin; a person who has gone through things exactly as you have and can give you the wisdom of their experiences.

For those of us, who are looking for the answers to life’s struggles, who long to find their twin; they are out there.

And for those of you, who disguise yourselves as those who have been here before and done that more than once, but truthfully haven’t the slightest idea how to help those who long for support through their struggle; know your place in this world, know your lane. And stay there.