So, Day 11’s task is to write a personal blog post on a prompt from The Daily Post.  My prompt is called Snapshot Stories.


My two little goober-faces is what I like to call them.  I put them on the background of my laptop so that whenever I’m having a bad day or a long day at work, I can look up at this picture and laugh.  I laugh because I can picture the thought going through my daughter and my nephew’s head when I snapped this photo of them.

K: “What is this stupid light you’re shining in my face?”

P: “I can’t believe this heffa just did that and I just woke up”

If I could, I would tell my daughter that it was a camera flash, and I couldn’t miss the moment of both of them actually looking at me so I could take a picture, since she never gives me any type of eye contact when I take a picture of her.

I would tell my nephew “yes, I did just do this.  I’m sorry you just woke up, but I had to take a picture of you both.  The moment was too funny to miss.”

Hopefully, when they are older, I can show them this picture and they laugh hysterically at their facial expressions.  These are the moments that I couldn’t bare to let pass me by without getting a picture. 🙂

2 little goober-faces.