Sipping Tea with the Enemy…I Mean Ex! A Lesson in Forgiveness…

So I just got done watching the movie, Black Coffee on BET.  The movie was quite interesting; but the part that caught my attention the most was the end.  I will explain it a little:

Robert was dating Mita at the beginning of the movie.  Well, Robert lost his job, and his woman because she was a gold-digger, and not the sharpest pencil in the bunch if you get what I mean.  Mita moved on to Robert’s boss, in which she drained him financially, and was willing to give up the company in order for Robert to take Mita back.  Needless to say, his boss was stuck with her.

In between all this, Morgan had met Robert, and they had become very interested with each other.

Meanwhile, Morgan and Hill had been divorced for like 3 years, and had just recently started to see if they could rekindle their relationship.  Hill seemed a bit controlling, and when he found out that Morgan was interested in Robert, he got more controlling.

Through all this, Robert and Morgan continued to see each other.  Eventually, Mita and Hill were hooked up on a blind date, and became interested in each other.  Could you imagine it?  Your ex, and your significant other’s ex getting together and hitting it off? #Cray….

Ok, so we go a little forward, and see that Robert and Morgan have done very well, they get married, open up some business; they are very happy and very successful.  On the other side, Hill and Mita begin to get together and fall for each other.  Mita (who we remember is ditzy as hell lol) goes back to school and starts working at Hill’s firm!  Basically, it seemed like each person benefitted from their new relationship in some kind of way.

Ok, so here’s the weird part: One day Robert and Morgan go into the bookstore (one that is memorable because that is where Robert first saw Morgan) and they see Hill and Mita there. So they say hey and get to talking.  Robert gets the bright idea to invite them to dinner at their house! I’m like “wait, what?!”

So the movie ends with them at dinner, with Robert’s cousin and his woman, and they all seem very happy and friendly together and the movie ends.


Ok, so am I the only one who does not get how they are just ok with being friends? From the relationships in the movie, Morgan went through hell with Hill, and Mita was dumb and taking all his money and Robert just couldn’t take it, so for me to see that they were so friendly at the end, baffled me.  I guess for them, it was easy to forgive their exes for the past and be happy for them in their present relationship.  In the end, it seemed that everyone wound up with the perfect mate to complement them, and were able to put the past behind them, and learn to be cordial with their ex.  It prompted me to ask the question to myself, could I be friends with my ex?  Am I at a point where all is forgiven? I can answer these questions and say that enough time has past, to where I could be cordial with my exes.  Would I invite them to dinner with my husband? Probably not…lol.

Let me know how you feel!  Could you have that type of understanding with your significant other, to where you could be friends with your ex after all it’s said and done? Or is that a line you wouldn’t cross and once you are done with that person, you move on and never look back?