“Graduation Season” and my Addiction to Education…

It is officially graduation season!! I honestly love this time of year.  Just having the opportunity to see all my friends and family complete this major accomplishment makes me happy.  I always think back to my graduations and how happy I was to finally be done with school.  I also think about everyone who supported me and congratulated me.  Graduating college is a great achievement!

One thing that graduation season also does to me, is it gets me thinking about furthering my education.  Every year without fail since I have graduated, whenever I see one of my friends graduate, I think “man, I really would love to go back to school and learn something new.” Don’t ask me why, because most times people want to get as far away from school as possible.  Me on the other hand, there are times when I can’t stop thinking about it!  I currently have a Masters in Criminal Justice, but I since I graduated I have thought about getting my Doctorate. My only problem is that if you ask me “what do you want to study?”, I will sadly say “I haven’t the slightest idea :(” Lol.

I thought I wanted to go into a criminal justice track again, but I now know that I do not.  I have enough Criminal Justice under my belt at this point, and I kind of want to branch out to another human services area.  I currently work in Social work, and I have toyed with the idea of going to get my MSW, but I am not sure if I want to have 2 Masters degrees.  Figuring out what I want to invest my time and money into has definitely been the hardest part.  With my Bachelor’s and Master’s, it sort of left me wondering what I could have expounded upon in school.  I was very focused on graduating (especially when I found out I could graduate earlier than expected), so I mainly focused on taking just enough classes to get my degree.  Now that I look back, I wish I could have take a few more classes, just to get some different perspectives and had a broader area of knowledge than I do now.  I especially love writing, and if I had my way, I would have taken more classes in that area and made that my minor.  I figure it is still not too late, and if I sit down and think really hard about what interests me, I could probably find something that I can go to school for.

This is still in the beginning stages of my thought process, and I may not even pursue this until my daughter gets a little older. So, I have a little time to think about it.  Call me a nerd for knowledge, but I don’t care.  I have the itch to go back to school, and I think I may pursue it!  I may start off slow and take a class here and there, preferably online because right now I do not have the time to go sit in an actual class, but I will definitely continue to give it some more thought. 🙂