So, It’s Time to Move on….

Well, it’s becoming pretty surreal that I am moving from my hometown.  I won’t reveal too much information right now, but I just know that it is officially official lol.  It is a very weird feeling and I must say I have been mixed about it.  On one hand, my itty bitty town is just too itty bitty for me now, and it is definitely time to move on.  I did what I had to do when I got here, and now the time has come to spread my wings and fly a little further from home. On the other hand, I am a bit nervous about it.  It will definitely be a new thing for me, being that my family is here, and it is my strongest support system.  Moving away from that is scary, but the women that raised me have basically molded me into a woman who can handle all things.  I am pretty excited to begin my own lifestyle in a new place. So, pretty soon, a new chapter will emerge for me and my family.  I will plant my own set of roots and grow from that point.  I see so much more opportunity for myself and my family, and I hope everything turns out well for us.

Keep me in your prayers as I get closer and closer to setting up shop in a new town, lol.


Why PTSD Is Undiagnosed In Many Black Women

Very insightful read!

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I haven’t been quite right since the abuse.

I haven’t been quite right since the accident.

The sexual abuse and later, rape, I experienced when I was younger has created emotional and spiritual blocks for me in most of my relationships. I either become too needy with people I’ve deemed safe or too “hard” and “resistant” with those who I’ve decided are unsafe. While I’ve gotten better over the years, I still have trigger moments.

Since being in a car accident a little over 10 years ago, I’m a terrible passenger in the car. When I’m with someone who’s driving and they turn a curve, my body and mind reacts as if I’m turning that curve on the back road we were on in Dallas when another car slammed into us and sent us spinning and flying off the side of the road. When the headlights of cars are…

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Until we Meet Again, Vacation…..


Well, as I sit in the airport and my vacation comes to a close, I can definitely say I enjoyed myself.  I got to experience visiting a different city, seeing some very cool and powerful monuments, even got to tour the White House West and East Wing (wish I could have taken pictures, but they don’t let you 😦 ).  I even enjoyed things as simple as getting on the metro, lol.  Where I live, we don’t have those.  The hustle and bustle of the city definitely was something to see. I hope I can come back soon, possibly in the summer time because this winter weather is NOT for me. I even want to bring my daughter, once she is old enough to hold her own for a couple hours. I’ll be sure to post some pics from the weekend in the next post.  Right now, I have to prepare to board my flight back home.  No matter how much fun a vacation is, nothing beats being at home.  Especially with my daughter.  I’ve missed her TERRIBLY and I cant wait to see her!!


So, I have been on vacation since Friday, and I haven’t written a single word since I woke up at 2:30am that morning.  It doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about my book or any ideas for it, I just haven’t really written anything down.  I am actually not upset about it, because sometimes you need to take a couple days away from what you’re writing.  When I find myself getting frustrated that things aren’t flowing right or can’t get anything to sound good on paper, I walk away. I give it anywhere from a couple hours to a couple days before I come back, re-read the last couple scenes and pick up where I left off. It helps me refresh the brain a little so I don’t mind.  I also have 2 books I brought with me, so I will probably take some time and actually read something for once, since I never have time at home. Lol

Virginia Gov. Calls For Investigation Into Student’s Arrest


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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (AP) — About 1,000 students gathered at the University of Virginia campus Wednesday night to demand justice for a student who was injured during an arrest and appears in a photo with a bloody face as he is being held down by an officer.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has also called for an investigation into the early-morning arrest of Martese Johnson, whose lawyer said he needed 10 stitches in his head.

Martese Johnson was charged on two counts: obstruction of justice without force, and public swearing or intoxication, Charlottesville General District Court records show.

The Alcoholic Beverage Control agent who made the arrest, listed in court records as J. Miller, said in the arrest report that Johnson “was very agitated and belligerent.”

A statement from a group calling itself “Concerned Black Students,” however, claims the arrest of Johnson was unprovoked and extreme.

“The brutish force used resulted…

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My First Time Away….

So, I am going on a vacation with my family, and I am letting my daughter stay with my godmother and god sister (she is certified to babysit and she is super excited!).  I am excited for the trip, but I am still a little nervous.  I’ve been on random road trips before with my husband, but this is the first one where we will be gone for more than 2 days.  After this afternoon, I won’t see my little munchkin until Monday night or Tuesday morning! :-O. Continue reading “My First Time Away….”